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Dear readers,

From 2016 perspetive, I want to provide you all the details of how our funds were spent. In the month of Jan, all the trustees of KGF read the whole account in front of  Chicago Periyava. About a week or two, I submitted all accounts to Kanchi Matam to both the Periyavas. When I go in-person, I will discuss these with the Periyavas if they are free.

Due to security and privacy reasons, here I am providing you only the name of the  institutions and not the exact amount. If anyone needs further clarification, please contact me directly. I am more than happy to discuss.

Following are the details from 2016.
Veda Rakshanam for the following::
  1. Athur Patasala – their cow-shed was completely destroyed in Chennai rains etc and I was told that our funds reached them at the right time to take care of the cows.
  2. Vaideeka Sambhavana for Atirudram Ravi’s jata parayanam in Thiruvanaikka
  3. Vaideeka Sambhavana for Mahaperiyava aradhana/Jayanthi events in Sri Pradosham mama’s gruham and at adishtanam
  4. Sankarapuram Vedic village project by Advocate Sri Venkatasubramanian – Individual devotee’s request
  5. Sankara Baktha Jana Trust – Thenambakkam
  6. Tiruvanaikka Patasala – Yearly on-going support
Gho Rakshanam for the following:
  1. Dr Sadhana Rao’s cow-shelter crisis
  2. CKR Ghosala – setting up a new ghosala with cows in Tuticorin
  3. Nochiyam Mahaperiyava Thapovanam
Kovil Punarudharanam for the following:
  1. Karkeeswarar – Lakshmeeswarar – Pillayarpalayam, Kanchi – Smt Mahalakshmi mami
  2. Baghavathi Temple work as guided by Periyava to one of Chicago devotees
  3. Mallikavaneswarar Temple Renovation – Kanchi
Nithya Deepam/Puja – Rs 50,000 (We want to do more of this in 2017)
Please note that KGF receives funds through our fundraising. In addition to that, it also receives funds from individuals, who want to contribute to a specific project – that are in line with KGF’s objectives – of their choice.  In those cases, we are playing a conduit role. Rest of the donations are through the blog and WhatsApp kainkaryam projects that are driven by Sai. The above details are pertaining mostly to those projects that were posted in the blog earlier. Except for Tiruvanaikka Patasala, all are one-time support only.
The renovation work for Pillayarpalayam (Lakshmiswarar and Karkeeswarar) has stopped due to lack of funds – mami still need additional funds to complete this project. Mami needs some more support here….Whoever wants to support for this project, please either send directly to mami in India or do it via KGF here in USA (https://kgpfoundation.org/suppport.html)
We are carrying over roughly 3 Lakhs to 2017. Out of that, I wish to set aside 1 lakh to rescue 12 more cows (roughly) from slaughterhouses – 1 cow per month. For the rest, with the help of Sri Halasya Sundaram Iyer, we have identified 1 or 2 patasalas that deserve support. We need to find a place to house them before we attempt to rescue any cows. Will keep you posted on this…Idea is to do more cows to be rescued.
We are not a big organization – with our limited funds we will do our little support. Hope we get continued support from donors to do these projects.
Like I said, if you have any questions, please send me an email if you need any further clarification.
Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Om Namashivaya !!! What is the process to pay for above kainkariyams ???

  2. Beautiful apt photo of Periyava under whose feet the accounts are surrendered. I pray to the almighty for your kinchit kaingaryams to grow into a brihat vruksham under which Santana dharma can be protected from the heat of external forces.

  3. Thank you for the excellent update

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