The KV Mahadevans, Vaali and our Mahadevan!


kvm-seergazhi-and-tms-rare-pic Shri KV Mahadevan is flanked by Famous singers Shri Seergazhi Govindarajan on the left and Shri TM Soundararajan on the right, both of whom have been blessed by Kanchi Manaswamigal!

vaali Poet Vaali Rangarajan


Music composer Shri K.V. Mahadevan’s son was missing for quite some time. His wife asked Tamil Poet Vaali whether he can can take her to Kanchi Mahaswamigal for Darshan. Vaali took them both to Thenambakkam where Periyava was camping. Smt Mahadevan fell at Paramacharya’s feet and cried, “Will I ever see my son again?”. 

Periyava looked at her for less than a minute and then turned His attention to other devotees. Smt Mahadevan was disappointed that Swamigal did not tell her anything about her son. Vaali consoled her and they returned to Madras.

At the gate of their home, their son welcomed them!


Here is Vaali’s poem on Mahaswamigal in Tamil:

ஆயிரத்து இருநூறு
ஆண்டுகள் முன்னம்
ஆரியாம்பாள் ஈன்றனள் — ஓர்

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3 replies

  1. very beautiful lines on periyava.

  2. Also Vaali is not following the Age of Sri Adi Shankara as Sri Mahaperiyavaa had told us which is 2500 years.
    Vaali is repeating the historians’ account that Sri Shankara was born in 8th century AD only

  3. In the first para there is a typo. Kanchi Manaswamigal!; Maha Swamigal.

    Ram Ram

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