Magic of Love


Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri B.Narayanan Mama for the share. Ram Ram

Magic of Love

Once, a man and his wife from a well–to–do family in Kerala, had come to Kanchi, for Dharsanam of Periyava. The family property, as per him, could not be divided among him and his brother amicably. His brother , a rude man according to him, went away and started staying separately without listening to him.Even though he wanted to divide the property and give him his due, the brother was not agreeable to his terms.Therefore, he wanted to file a case in the court for the partition. He had come to seek the blessings of Periyava.

” ok! Supposing you file a case, what is the value of stamp paper you have to buy?”—–asked Periyava.

He mentioned an amount in thousands.

“Lawyer fees?”

Again he mentioned a large amount.

” In such ancestral property matter, sometime, you have to search and get some documents from various departments like the registrar office. If that be the case, how much that will cost?”

” Yes” he replied and mentioned an amount.

” ok! but, these cases do not get solved soon. How much time, you think, this case will take?”

” It may take a few years also”

” Even when the case comes to an end, it may not necessarily be in your favour, right?”

‘ I don’t think it will be that way”

“ok! We will assume, it favours you. Your brother may go for an appeal. Is it not?”

” Yes, he can”

They may appoint a receiver. right?”


Then, this matter regarding your esteemed family affair, may be published in the ‘Hindu’ (newspaper), and the whole world will come to know. Is it not?”

The devotee feebly answered “yes”

“If you go to the court, there will be waste of money, waste of time and waste of energy. Your family name will be in jeopardy. Think about it! Think ” Even if all this happens, it is ok for me”—-is that what you want?”

Whatever intention the devotee came with, to Periyava, vanished from him! But he did not know how to proceed further.

” I feel that filing a case is not correct. But Periyava should advise me as to how I should proceed further.”

‘ When brothers separate, do they stay that way for ever? Who is he and who are you? This is a relationship that will re–unite, whatever be the seriousness of the quarrels.. Why don’t you try to develop such a state of mind?”

Periyava thought for some time and told him,”I will tell you what you two should do. Buy a lot of fruits and flowers and straight go to your brother’s house. Go there with full of love in your heart. He, with his wife will welcome you both and show their hospitality. From the depth of your heart tell your brother, ‘let bygones be bygones; who are you and who am I?; Even if the property remains with you, it is as good as it is with me; Since We also have to run the family, give me whatever you feel like'”

Periyava, instead of inserting a needle in the banana, inserted banana into an iron ball!

How? with the Power of Love, nothing else.

As advised by Him, the couple left with the intention of going to his brother’s house.

After they went away, Periyava told some of the people around Him,’ When his brother sees them after a long time and that too, coming of their own free will,, half of his enmity will fade away; and if he talks to him in an amicable way, all the enmity will vanish. With out going to the court, his brother will give him what he wants. If we approach others with good intention and love, the same sentiments will be returned by them.”

Periyava’s advice never went in vain.

Later on, news came that every thing went well.

Source——Sankarar endra Sangeetham—–( Tamil)
Author——Sri Ra. Ganapathy.
Publishers——Divya Vidhya Pathippakam.

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  1. Hara hara Shankara Jaya jaya Shankara…

  2. In a brief question & answer session Maha Periyava kindled and instilled in the brother’s mind the magical power of love which alone could sustain and remain forever in this world, not riches, power, position etc which are transient in nature. Who else other than our Jagath Guru, can offer such an outstanding and at the same soothing, permanent and everlasting solution to the neverending problems of His Devotees who come to Him for advice and solace.

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