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Last weekend, I had a guest who came from Chennai to get darshan of Chicago Periyava. This devotee’s family (who wants to remain anonymous) for generations have been greatly blessed by Kanchi Acharyas. Sri Mahaperiyava had blessed this family immensely in various occasions and had given His holy padhukas, Kamakshi Vigraham that He used. During her visit she narrated an experience that happened several years back.

When Mahaperiyava blessed this family with His holy padhukas, this family requested Him to bless with some impression of his divya hastham too. Periyava a chin-mudra on sandhanam and blessed this family – how fortunate! After few/several years, obviously the sandhanam dried, cracked and the area where the chin mudra impression was made also expanded.

They were worried and approached Mahaperiyava with the sandhanam. Periyava did not pay any attention to this and sent them. They were very disappointed. They went to HH Pudhuperiyava and told this incident. He also did not speak anything – looked at the sandhanam; put few thulasi and showed a hand gesture to take it away. This family was devastated with both Periyavas not showing any interest in this whole thing. They went back home.

Next day morning, when they opened the box, the chin mudra was seen perfectly rejoined! Needless to say how much of a celebration mood this family got into.

The very reason why this whole thing came out was when I was narrating to this devotee my recent conversation with HH Pudhuperiyava about Sri Adi Sankara vigraham that He did prathistai in Kathmandu Pasupathinath Temple and His direction on how to fix the damages due to earthquake. When our acharyas say something, we better listen, not question, not doubting them etc. That kind of unshaken bakthi is what we need.

I will soon post about Kathmandu Pauspathinath Temple related project after getting HH Balaperiyava’s permission.

Thanks to this devotee in sharing a wonderful experience with me.

Our ananthakoti namaskaram to HH Pudhu Periyava!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara pudhu periyavaa sankara

  2. Every article of yours Mr.Mahesh certainly calls for a big kudos. The amount of effort taken by you in presenting them so well keeping in mind that the messages reach clearly and glorify the Periyavas and in the welfare of the readers. Pray Periyavas humbly to keep giving you the strength to carry on this task as you have been doing all these days. Thanks once again Sir.

  3. I wonder for how much more longer our Periyavaa Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Swamigal will remain “Pudhuperiyava” in the dictionary of a few devotees! Will he never be known as Sri Periyavaa? Will he remain pudhu Periyavaa until he attains samadhi?

    • It is all due to the simple fact that we are inconsistent when addressing Mahaperiyava. Many times, we “also” address Him as Periyava. If we stop that, we will automatically call Sri Jaynedra Saraswathi Swamigal as Periyava. On the same line of thoughts, HH Balaperiyava is going to be 50 – is he still a young boy? We are so used to old terminology…It is not a sign of disrespect 🙂

  4. We both visited our son for the first time
    In USA, 1997,… WE were worried at every stage, from getting passport, Visa etc. When we got the Visa, without any difficulty, we visited our family friend in Colaba, (Rajeswari Mahesh ) “to obtain blessings from the Maha PERIYAVA ‘s Holy Padhukas. Worshipped in her house Pooja, reverential, for a safe journey.
    In successive trips too, , Inc. My son’ s wedding in New York, we were protected throughout. The priest who conducted the marriage was Chandrasekara sastri. We visualise Sri Maha PERIYAVA in the holy Padhukas and feel, He keeps blessing us
    Hara hara sankara.
    Vedanarayanan & kamala

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