Guru Darisanam, Vivaha Praaptham!

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha Madhavan our sathsang seva volunteer who shares her good friend’s memorable experience. Let’s remember to be in our Aacharayal’s Smaranai and get their darisinam as much as we can so all the problems we encounter gets nullified. Enjoy! Ram Ram

Guru Darisanam, Vivaha Praaptham!

Bharanidharan’s sister, Dr.Parvathi Krishnan was Professor &  Head of the Dept of Tamil in S.I.E.T. College, Chennai. She was my close friend and I was a lecturer in the Dept of Economics then.

Parvathi had many sisters and two brothers. Her father was T. N. Seshachalam, a scholar who mastered Kambaramayanam and Shakespeare! He was the editor of the Tamil literary journal “Kalalayam” in the 1930s. Parvathi lost  both her parents early in life. The two elder brothers remained unmarried, in order to bring up, educate and settle their sisters!

Dr. Thirumurthi’s wife was Parvathi’s paternal aunt.When an alliance came up for marriage for her younger sister the aunt insisted on proceeding with it and the date was also set.

In those days, it was customary to get the elder daughter married first. So the family was upset. At that time ( 1966-67) Maha Periyava had camped at Sarva Mangala Kalyana Mandapam” in T. Nagar.

Parvathi, praying  for  a suitable life partner, went straight from college in the afternoon during lunch time (1pm-2pm) to see the Mahan . The Puja was  just over and Parvathi was right in time to receive Theertham and Kumkumam. Looking at her, from His luminous  face  bloomed a benign smile. That was good assurance . She felt no  need for verbal communication. That very evening on reaching home, she was  joyously greeted  and asked to get ready soon. A very good alliance has clicked for her and the prospective  groom, Krishnan with family is about to visit.

Needless to say that both parties agreed and the marriage was to take place well before that of the younger sister’s fixed muhurtham date! Parvathi shed tears of joy and gratitude when she narrated her experience of the infinite compassion , “Kanchi Karunamurthi”.

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  1. I could add one more strange but real coincidence or destined by Maha Perusal
    The weddings of the sisters took place in the same sarvamangala kalyanamandapam where Periava camped and within gap of 10 days Parvati (elder) on 30 th June 66 and dr.Savitri (younger)
    On 10th july 66
    T.s g. 81

  2. Yes ! Infinite compassion of the ‘KARUNAMURTHY’—–There is no ‘truer’ truth than this.

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