Periyava Mahimai Newsletter – Jan 2017

Our own brahmin community doing guru nindhanai to our acharyas is not restricted to current days – it goes back 100s of years. Please read this where Periyava narrates an incident from 1939! This devotee went to the extent of wearing lungi, printed a poster “சங்கராச்சாரியாரே வராதே!” etc just to show his protest to Sarveswaran! Best part of this story is asking that same person to clean up his house to do Chandramouleeswarar puja! Only Periyava can do this!!! Needless to say that the devotee realized his mistake soon. Moral of this story is not to do any guru nidhanai and also avoid people who do this.

Yesterday, I had some visitors to my place to get darshan of Chicago Periyava. One of them is from Kallidaikurichi….This newsletter has an incident relevant to that as well!

Hopefully someone will do an english translation soon.


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