Sankarapuram Maharaja


Thanks to advocate Sri Venkatasubramanian Anna for sharing these photos…..

The Yatra is now heading towards Sankarapuram – Periyava will reach the intended final destination from where He will bless us all!

It appears that some devotee had made a silver kavacham for abhaya hastham and a simhasanam for Him – dont have any additional details….It is a treat to our eyes with Periyava with silver abhaya hastham!

I understand that a soma yagam is going to be conducted there for the next few days. As you all know soma yagams are rare. So any devotees in and around Sankarapuram should try to attend and receive the divine blessings.

Happy guruvaram!

Periyava Charanam


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  1. It has come to public notice that Vakil Venkatasubramaniam has swindled away the 28+ crores of corpus funds that were brought in the name of Periyava. Can we please use this space to highlight and request all donors to chase the Vakil for refund of their monies ?

  2. As told by our Vakkil Anna, in the vedio that has been shared in our Group.

    Shri Hodha from Chidambaram, a devoted Muslim Bai, has given 108 Rudrasha Malai, Vibhuthi Pattai and silver hand . for sankarapuram Periyava, Anna’s home Periyava also.He came along with Dhothi, flower garland and Silver hand to this spot at Mayavaram and gave to our Periyava.

    No words to express his devotion towards HIM.

    • Where is Sankarapuram.? is it near Kallakurichi? or some other place? pl.let me know the place..we like to go there…

      • Near Mayavaram, – Kadiramangalam, Vanadurga temple. From 8th March to 13th there is a grand function taking place.. You may plan for this occasion to join them. If required I can give you the contact numbers for further info

      • Thank you very much Mr.Mahesh…I am familiar with Kadhiramangalam..coming Masi Maham , I am planning to go to Kumbakonam…if possible let me know the venue and phone No. Jeya Jeya Sankar …Hara Hara Sankara…

      • You can contact Shri Venkatasubramanian ( Vakil Anna ) – 98410 32959. He will help you a lot . You may please call him up two to three days before you proceed to see Sankarapuram Periyava.

      • Thank you very much…Mr.Mahesh…Mahaperiyava’s Anugraham …”Ellam Nadakkum”


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