Rare Coincidence

Ambal with Garland

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri B.Narayanan Mama for the share. Ram Ram.

Rare Coincidence

There were about six devotees standing in front of Maha Periyava. Another ( local ) devote came there then, and prostrated.

Periyava asked the new man, ‘ Have you visited Kaasi?”




Periyava continued, “Thiruppathi?, Madurai?, Thiruvannaamalai?, Pazhani?, Kanyaakumaari?”

For each of these, the devotee gave only one reply, “No”.

Periyava smiled and said, “You have seen all these people!”

The ‘local’ devotee was confused.

“Do you know the names of all these people standing here? The first person is ‘Kaasi’, the next is Chidhambaram; then Thiruppathi, then Maruthai, the next is Annaamalai, then Pazhani and the name of the lady at the end is ‘Kanyaakumaari’

It is very rare to see so many persons with their names as those of places, at a time and in one place!

Periyava said, “ Normally, people are named after the names of ‘Ishta dheyvam’. Even if one needn’t have the thought of God, people used to name their children with names of Sacred places, as uttering those sacred names itself will bring ‘Punnya’ All these persons have come from different places, but the surprising thing is that they have all come at the SAME time!

All of them wondered at this uniqueness and at the equally unique way Periyava pointed that out!

Source—–Mahaperiaval Dharisana Anubhavankal——–vol. six.

Narrator——-A close assistant of Periyava .

Compiler——T.S.Kothandarama sarma.

Publishers——Vanathi pathippakam.

Categories: Devotee Experiences


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  1. Maha periyava saranam.

  2. Periava is God Parameswaran.

  3. Periva’s leela has no end….. He plays compassionately with us always. Charanam Sharanam!

  4. Sri Periyava Saranam

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