Sri Pammal Viswanathan talks about Thirukovil Vazhipaatu Kuzhu

Thanks to my father-in-law who shared this video. About 3-4 years back, I remember seeing a similar book that mama talks about in this video – not sure if they are the same or not. However I do know that this team has been doing a dedicated job under the guidance of both our Periyavas in Kanchipuram district.

Our namaskaram to this group.

Om Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Pardon for contacting you here. I could not locate your email id from the site. I read this absolutely divine article by one of the Dagars, the family practitioners of the oldest form of Hindusthani music in India. He talks about the Raga Bhairavi as an expression of Shiva.I thought it would be an appropriately significant re-post in connection to MahaShivaraathri.
    I have heard and seen the Dagar brothers bring a downpour down from a clear, cloudless, dry summer sky with their rendering of the Raaga Megh Malhar, and the Pakhwaj drums make every cell in us resonate to the vibrations of Shiva’s Damuru, that are the cause of the universe.
    The Dagars are Muslim musicians singing from city of Kashi Vishvanaatha.

  2. Don’t call him as Pammal Viswanathan, he came to Pammal as new resident at the flag end of his RITES services as asst electrical engineer,his native is Mayavaram Mahadana St, There are several people lives in Pammal before him,he linked himself with Rotary etc, due to which he himself linked to Kanchi mutt enjoyed in Pammal, he earned negative name too.Kindly don’t call I as Pammal…..u call him as sankaramutt V…..Other wise call every one lives in Pammal with title of Pammal, Actualy Pammals old residents are S.C colony people,Sengunda mudaliyars who had the proffession of weaving,& Kallars of settlement area,if you need I can write the history of Pammal more,as a old citizen of Pammal before Vis….Don’t spoil the name of Pammal linking Vis… RG.

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