Exemption to Rule



Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri B. Narayanan mama for the share. Ram Ram

Exemption to Rule

One day a lady came to Sri Matam wearing a six-yards sari. May be, she is coming there for the first time. She was ,probably not aware of the practice that family ladies visit Sri Matam, wearing only nine–yards sari.

Another lady, who considered herself a most devoted ‘Bhakthai’ of Sri Matam, saw this lady wearing a six–yards sari! Did she get furious!

“You can not have ‘Darsan’ of Maha Periyava, without wearing ‘Madisaar'( nine-yards sari).” thundered she to the poor lady!

Unfortunately for the ‘ most–devoted’ lady, Maha Periyava came that side!

When He asked what was the shouting about, He was told what exactly happened.

He called the ‘Madisaar’ lady, who was shivering!

“That lady is very poor! She doesn’t have a nine yards’sari. She couldn’t afford to buy one! Go to the shop immediately, buy a nine yards sari and two blouse pieces and give them to her”—-said Maha Periyava to her!

She immediately obeyed His order, went and purchased the sari and made the ‘poor’ lady wear it in ‘Madisaar’ fashion and led her to Maha Periyava.

” Very good! But, what you did is wrong ! Ask for her pardon!”—said He to the ‘Madisaar’ lady.

Although He stuck to ‘ Sampradhaayams’, Maha Periyava also knew when and where to give exemption!

Source—–Mahaperiaval Dharisana Anubhavankal——–vol. six.

Narrator——-A close assistant of Periava.

Compiler——T.S.Kothandarama sarma.

Publishers——Vanathi pathippakam.

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5 replies

  1. Hara Hara Shankara,Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Parama Karunyam of Periyavaa visible by this article

  3. Maha periyavaa karunaik kadal….
    loka samastha sukino bavanthu
    ram ram ram

  4. Merciful Maha Periyava.

  5. Karunai Kadal
    Thooiya Ullam
    Kan Kanda Deivam
    Maha Peryiavaa Saranam

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