Cauvery Pushkaram Festival – Consultation Meeting on Feb 22, 2 PM @ Sri Matam Kanchipuram


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

On behalf of Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami it is Adiyen’s pleasure and privilege to invite you all to the Cauvery Pushkaram consultation meeting presided by our Periyava’s in Kanchipuram Sri Matam on Feb 22 @ 2 PM. The actual festival will be held from Sep 12-Sep 24. A brief write-up on the significance of this festival has been given below.

Note – There is a small typo in the notice below. It should say Feb 22 and NOT Sep 22.

Please find the invitation below along with the translation. Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our sathsang seva volunteer for the Tamizh typing and translation. Ram Ram.


Translation of the above Invitations:

In the light of the Cauvery Pushkaram to be celebrated from Sep 12 – Sep 24, a consultation meeting will be held to discuss on how well the function can be organized successfully. This meeting will be presided by Kanchi Sankaracharya’s Pujyasri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Pujyasri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal in Sri Sankara Matam, Kanchipuram on Feb 22 at 2PM! All devotees are invited and get the divine blessings of our Aacharyas and Cauvery Matha!!

Cauvery Pushkaram Celebrations

Dear Devotees!

This year Guru Peyarchi (transition) is happening from Kanni Rasi to Thula Rasi. Thula Rasi is considered to be the rasi of River Kaveri (Cauvery), considered a holy river among seven rivers in India. So, between Tamil month Aavani 27th and Purattaasi 8th (Sep 12 – Sep 24 2017), Kaveri (Cauvery) Pushkaram festival will happen.

During Guru Peyarchi, we are inviting all devotees to come along with their family to have holy bath in the Mayiladuthurai Thula kattam.

Everyone is welcome! Let everyone get the blessings of River Kaveri (Cauvery)!

During these 12 days, in Mayiladuthurai Thula ghat, theerthavari, daily poojai, yagnams, Kaveri (Vauvery) aarathi, Veda Parayanams, art events, spiritual discourses, annadhanam and other events will happen.

It is considered auspicious for everyone to take holy bath in Kaveri (Cauvery) Pushkaram. Particularly for people who belong to Kanya rasi, Thula rasi and Vrischika rasi, it is believed that they will get all benefits by taking bath and performing pariharams.


Cauvery Pushkaram 2017 Mayiladuthurai Foundation

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  1. Invitation reads sept 22 instead of feb 22

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