Compassion towards a devotee


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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Compassion towards a devotee… Periyava’s kataksham (divine grace) has fallen on you for two hours!

Appa was not keeping well. He had high fever.

Our family doctor, Ramamurthy prescribed the medicines and left saying, “Complete rest… Bed rest…, understand?”

At that moment. Someone from Sri Matam came with the instruction, “The Hindi Pandit has been asked to come to Sri Matam for Darshan”.

It was Maha Periyava’s instruction only. No doubt. The mind was ready, but the body would just not co-operate.

Looking at the state of my father, the person from Sri Matam sympathised with him, and left.

After an hour had passed, a horse-driven cart from Sri Matam was there at the door step.

It must be some important, urgent matter. Periyava must have thought that the presence of the Hindi Pandit would be useful in the discussions.

Appa had to go.

For the past four to five days, Appa was taking only rice porridge. The doctor had said that he should not eat even rasam saadam.

Reluctantly, Appa drank a cup of porridge and got into the cart with the help of the assistant from Sri Matam. On reaching Sri Matam, Appa struggled to get down. The person from Sri Matam held him and took him inside to Periyava.

Periyava signalled Appa to sit down.

There were many people who had come for darshan. Lot of instructions were given; letters were read and dispatched; blessings were given…

Two hours just flew by. Appa started feeling hungry. He thought to himself, “Periyava has not spoken even a word to me, and I am myself not keeping well. What is the use of having come here?”.

Glancing at one of Periyava’s close attendants, Appa expressed his anxiety silently.

The attendant at once said, “The Hindi Pandit has not been keeping well…. He has been sitting here for a long time…”

The next minute, Periyava gave the prasadam. Appa applied the sacred ash which was given as prasadam, on his forehead.

He paid his obeisances to Periyava. One of the attendants in Sri Matam came by his side to help him to the door.

“Not required, I will walk”, said Appa and went and sat in the cart without any problem whatsoever.

Reaching home, Appa said loudly, I am hungry, very hungry… what is the menu today?”

“The doctor has asked you to take only porridge….”

“Let him say, said Appa. Serve the food…

Appa had “full meals” that day.

The doctor came in the evening to examine him.

“There is no fever at all! What other medicine did you take?”

“What you gave only…”

“Not at all, you have done something else…”

Appa then explained his story of his visit to Sri Matam and sitting there for two hours doing nothing at all.

The doctor was all excited.

“That is it! Did I not tell you that you have done something else? I was right. Periyava’s kataksham (divine grace) has fallen on you for two hours. The vibrations from His divine presence have befallen you and has driven away your illness. Periyava is the doctor above all doctors. Since my medicine may not cure you quickly, in order to administer His medicine – His kataksham (divine grace), He had asked you to come to Sri Matam….”

What Compassion!

Facing the direction where Periyava was, lifting our hands, all of us offered a thousand salutations…

Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal – Part 7
Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya fb
Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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