Experience of Brahmasri Dendukuri Anjaneyar Vajpaye Dikshitar

Thanks to Sri Bharath Subramaniam for sharing this wonderful video. I feel very blessed to watch a highly learned samaveda Dikshitar doing Mahaperiyava puja , samaveda samarpanam and sharing his experience with us.

The Patasala in the second video is in Bangalore, if I am not mistaken.

When I clicked “publish” I was thinking about the last sentence mama said about some yagna. I was planning to ask Sri Bharat on further details. Incidentally Sri Guruvayurappan immediately sent me the invitation for this yagna…You may attend maharudram and atirudrams often but these kind of yagnas are very very rare. So please contact mama on how you can participate in this yagnam…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!



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  1. it is surprising that from the video, the vessels mostly used seems to be “stainless steel”. Pardon me if my observation is wrong. I was told that such stainless items are not to be used for pooja/homams. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • I think the primary vessels seem to be sterling silver. Sombu for extra water and a basin with flowers seem to be stainless steel. These are peripheral vessels not used directly in the pooja. He is very much following aacharams, making his own sandanam.

  2. Mahesh, yes the pooja was done at my house and the same day mama also came to our patashalai for anusham. We showed him the place, the moment he saw anjaneyar he started singing ramayanam. That also has come well in the video. The foto which fell down was of dakshinamurthy. Mahaperiayava was traveling with this deekshadar thruout the experience.

    He needs financial support immediately for performing this yaagam. Kindly everyone pls chk the bank details in the invitation below and help.

    Bharath Subramanian, bangalore

  3. Thanks Mahesh for promptly posting the Yagna Invitation. Wajapeyi mama, his son Karthik & family live in Vijayawada. Very ardent devotees of Sri Matam. Blessed to know the family during the visit to Vijayawada. Almighty has Blessed us all to take part, because the person who committed earlier couldn’t honor it! 🙏🙏🙏🙏Pranams & Prayers to Their Holiness for everyone’s participation & success of the Yagna.

  4. The Yegna mentioned by Dendukuri Sri Anjaneya Wajapeyi Mama could have been easily sponsored by one single devotee. Thanks to Demonetization by Modi ji, it turned out to be that public like us could participate in the Kainkayam in any humble way as the person who committed earlier could not honor his commitment.

    Mahesh- I’ve emailed you the invitation, in case you’ve not seen it yet. There are details of where the kainkaryam can be sent.

    The invitation is attached in the comments to this post. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Wonderful video. A very learned man with a majestic voice. The abishekam was done with a lot of sincerity. As he was showing pancha deepam to Mahaperiava after the abishekam (around 8.5o) a small picture from the wall dropped indicating Mahaperiava blessings . I think he said it is a picture of guru. Was not clear. Thanks for sending these wonderful videos

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