Audio Recording of Arya Shatakam


Thanks Sri Ganapathy for the share….

By Mahaperiyava’s grace and Govinda Damodara Swamigal’s grace, I am glad to share the audio recording of Arya Shatakam from mooka pancha shathi in mp3 format. Happy to see that it coincides with the Mahakumbhabhishekam of Kanchi Kamakshi on 9/2/2017. Even if you are not able to  visit Kanchipuram on that day, chant this stothram and Kamakshi devi will come and bless you where you are.  [Read more…]


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  1. I have been asking Sri Ganapathy to give a pdf file where the padams are split. The text of mooka panchasathi that is available does not have padam split so that the pronounciation is correct ans easy on readers who have some knowledge of Sanskrit. Hopefully this wil be fone.

  2. How do we download the audio from sound cloud? Please help.

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