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  1. Shri Visundaram-ji,

    I’d like to take a shot at helping you. First, please tell me whether you use a PC, and whether the web browser you use is Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? If you are using a computer, then there are free applications available online that will enable you to download Youtube videos directly to your own computer. Please give me the details, and I will try and help you navigate through the process. – Pvas

  2. Dear Sir, In spite of my repeated requests I have not received your guidance as to how the videos are to be downloaded and listened at leisure. Kindly help me. regards sundaram

    KAILAS DHARSHAN RATHNA V.I.SUNDARAM ” OMKAILAS” 8/1 NEW 17/1 RAMA RAO ROAD,THIRUMYLAI, CHENNAI 600 004 PHONE NO. +91-44-24661345 MOBILE:9444926629,9551531110 கைலாஸ் தர்ஷன் ரத்னா வைத்யநாத அய்யர் சுந்தரம்

  3. The exponential decay of veda sakai and veda dharmam is indeed sad. May Periyava take us out of the well and submerge us in the ocean of bliss. May pamara ullagam return with a big bang as predicted by Sivan Sar in his YPM!

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