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We are urgently in need of a video cassette recorder (VCR) or video cassette player (VCP) or a Periyava project. I know that VCR & VCPs have become obsolete and even DVDs are becoming obsolete since cloud has taken us by storm….We need a VCR/VCP in a working condition (in India) for few weeks or a month maybe. Once the conversion is done, it will be returned to you. It seems like we found some Periyava treasure – more after the work is done!

I was going to ask a person whom might have this but she is becoming the CM in the next couple of days  🙂

Jokes aside, please email me at, if you have one.



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  1. Thanks to all responded. We contacted some of you and finally we have identified a VCR in working condition….Will keep you all posted on how the conversion goes etc. Once again, thanks to all of your immediate responses.

  2. You may contact me at Mandaveli Chennai 9282129366 for 1 or 2 OR INTIMATE ADDRESS IN CHENNAI FOR DELIVERY regards v Ramakrishnan

  3. I too have a VCP which I am glad to hand over to the person/area that you nominate.. My mobile number is 093 222 30098.. Shridhar / Bombay

  4. I have a VCD to DVD converter it self and and a working G10 VCR
    94449955571 i am at chennai only
    pleased to convert and give it you sir
    mahaperiava saranam

  5. Mahesh ji… In have one in chennai.
    Might require simple cleaning and pick up from my house.
    Since I say I’m bangalore and my mother stays alone… I requesy you to pick up

  6. i have one, But don’t know the current condition. It is in Chennai, though I am in Dar Es Salaam.
    will gladly arrange to hand over if the contact person details are given. it is a blessing.

  7. Why hesitate… YOU may still confidently ask the prospective CM… WE May definitely get. Vedanarayanan

  8. Hi I have one but am at chennai. Kala

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