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Thanks to this devotee, who wants to stay anonymous, who spends lot of time to reprint the books that are out of print now with the permission of the Sri Matam. It is a very time-consuming process to get these books from local library, scan the pages, import the text, type slokas in Sanskrit, organize them, proof-read them to bring it to the final shape….He has been doing this despite his other work commitments in US. Big salute to him for this work…More to come from this devotee!!!!

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This book contains translations in English of articles on Vedas and  Vedangas published by the Tiruppavai – Tiruvempavai Committee Mayiladuthurai in the year 1962 when a conference on Tiruppavai, Tiruvempavai, Vedas and Vedangas was held.  The articles contained in this book are the original translations of the lectures delivered by His
Holiness Kanchi Sri Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Maharaj in the above conference.
The link to the pdf version of the book is below.
Blessing and permission of HH Balaperiyavaa has also been received for
the reprinting of this book.

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  1. Link is not working 😑

  2. Pranamam Guruji,

    Thanks for sharing the information about the “Vedas and Vedangas”.
    I’m also interested to read and write the articles about the Mantras, Spiritual, Meditation and more. Here I would like to share info about the “Vedanta“.


  3. Great Book and a treasure

  4. Well, a big thanks for the great effort!

  5. This is ostensibly a good effort.
    I feel that for those who know the language, it is both essential and beneficial to read it in the original version, in the original language in which the talks were delivered.
    I say this after reading most of the books available in both Tamil and English. Many of us are eager to translate, but our linguistic proficiency and general Sastric competence do not match our eagerness, and usually a sub-standard translation results,which is neither literally or literarily a real contribution.
    The English translation done by RGK and published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is the most commendable effort in this regard. In 2008, World Wisdom [Bloomington, USA] brought out a beautiful volume of a very few selections from Mahaperiya’s talks, edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald. This contains a huge selection of old photographs digitally restored, which is a visual treat. There is an Indian edition by Motilal Banarsidass.

    I have to say painfully that of late, attempts are increasingly made to “simplify” the language used by Periyava by bringing in current usage. The most glaring and unfortunate effort here is the book ” ஸ்ரீ மகா ஸ்வாமிகள் அருளுரை ” by “கலைமகள் அலுவலகம்”. [ See how மஹா has already become மகா ]These contain the landmark talks Periyava delivered in Madras in 1932. They were brought out in book form by the same publishers in 1933. But in the recent edition, (June 2015) Maha Periyava’s language has been arbitrarily and selectively changed. It is claimed in the introduction that the effort is “தற்கால நடையில் எளிமைப்படுத்திப் புத்தக வடிவில் வெளிக்கொண்டுவரும் முயற்சி” keeping in mind “கால மாறுபாடும் மற்றும் வாசகர்களது தற்போதைய ‘ஏற்பு நிலை’ ”

    The irony is that , the same talks were published by the Mutt through காமகோடி கோசஸ்தானம் in the original version. ( I bought it in 1970 ) When we read both versions, we realise the enormous difference in the impact. When Periyava uses the words, they have the impact of mantra because they come out “from the depth of truth”.
    நிறைமொழி மாந்தர் ஆணையிற் கிளந்த
    மறைமொழி தானே மந்திரம் என்ப – தொல்காப்பியம்.
    When a Realised Sage like Periyava uses a word, it has the impact of mantra. How can we presume or dare to simplify it by changing it ? ( We can annotate or explain it separately.) That is also the reason why His words cannot really be translated. We can convey the sound , but not the impact, in any translation.

    The Kalaimagal publication says that these lectures were: ” 80 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பு கல்வியறிவு மிகுந்த அன்பர்களிடையே வழங்கப்பட்ட உரை “. Admitting that there has been deterioration in both levels of educational competence and orthodox religious practice, should we aim at maintaining and upgrading the levels or catering to declining competence?

    I am not against adequate/competent translation as such: this is the way to reach those who do not know the language in which the original talks were delivered. But for those who know the language of the talks, the best way is to read it in the original as it was spoken by Mahaperiyava without translation or seeming simplification. We can always seek explanation for what we do not readily understand.

    This may not relate to the book under reference, but I hope friends will see that the subjects are cognate. I crave indulgence.

    • Dear Sir,
      I fully agree with you. It will be good if the original (in Tamil) is also presented along with the translation. Nothing will be equal to reading in Original. Any translation will not be equal to the original.

      Any further efforts to ‘simplify’ the original into a ‘new original’ is a gross injustice and misrepresentation. No one has got the authority to do that.

      The original print itself would have undergone first level editing. Any further simplification in the name of contemporary rendering will only tarnish the value of the original intent.

  6. Divine contribution. Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shanakara !

  7. A noble effort amongst tight official commitments by the devotee. Thanks to him. Janakiraman

  8. excellent anyhelp we would love to participate

  9. Outstanding!!

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