Bhishma Ashtami -Feb 4, 2017

Thanks Karthi for the reminder in FB….

Contrary to general belief and understanding, Tharpanam to Sri Bhishma can be done by even those who have parents and even by Brahmacharis (please see the attached).  And above all, it is very easy to do by just offering Water, after the morning Sandhyavandanam –  that’s all and no formal Tharpanam as done during Amavasya or during Upakarma.  This is traditionally done on Bhishmashtami day – the day Sri Bishma attained Mukthi (this year it comes on 4th Feb, 2017 – Saturday).

The simple three slokas are attached herewith for the benefit of those who are interested to do Tharpanam for Sri Bishma. If you can spare a few minutes on Saturday, please do Sri Bhishma Tharpanam.

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  1. Can you (or anyone) please specify how the tharpanam should be performed. Should this be done as Devas, Rishi or Pitru tharpanam? In what position of the fingers, the water should be let flow through fingers, and the position of poonal.

  2. Seems document been removed from scribd.. pls do look into that and do the needful…

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…

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