Some Memorable Happenings


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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Some Memorable Happenings

Kanchi Paneerselvam, former Member of Parliament, came for Sri Periyaval’s darshan often. He once had a narrow escape in a car accident and was saved. It was after this that he met Sri Maha Periyava and received His blessings.

Kanchi Paneerselvam had once arranged for special abhisheka and worship to be offered to Kanchi Kumarakottam Murugan. Even as the abhisheka was being performed, Kanchi Paneerselvam’s friends informed him that Sri Periyava was walking down Raja Street. Kanchi Paneerselvam came out onto the street to welcome Sri Periyava and invited Him inside the temple. Sri Maha Periyava looked at Kanchi Paneerselvam and said, “It is exactly one year since you met with an accident in your car. Is it for that reason that you are performing abhisheka for Sri Muruga? I have come here to watch the performance.” Kanchi Paneerselvam had himself forgotten that it was a year since the accident had taken place. Not only had Sri Periyava remembered this fact, but also He had come in person to witness the abhisheka to bless him. Deeply moved as he recalled it, Kanchi Paneerselvam was thrilled with wonder.


It was the time when the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.G Ramachandran, was in America undergoing medical treatment. Kanchi Paneerselvam came to Sri Maha Periyava and prayed, “I have come seeking your blessings for M.G.Ramachandran’s recovery from his illness.

Sri Maha Periyava said on that occasion, “There are some idols of deities that are lying buried in the earth in a village in Karnataka. Take them out, build a temple, install them and have ceremonial worship performed. Convey this message to them.”

Kanchi Paneerselvam conveyed this message to V.N.Janaki, M.G.Ramachandran’s wife. With help from the Chief Minister, the idols were brought out and installed in a temple. M.G.Ramachandran. recovered completely and on his return from America, came to Sri Maha Periyava for darshan.

Author: Raju, Officer, Education Department, Kanchipuram
Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal
Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya fb
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  1. I am not sure whether by reading about such incidents where people have approached and their problems were resolved will make others to believe that by praying to Him their problems also will get resolved. You have posted about an ardent devotee of Periava undergoing extreme hardship.. As you have said that the fruits of prarabda karma can not be erased. We can only pray to Him to give us the strength to bear the difficulties with equanimity

    • I agree with Mr . Ramachandran’s comment. The test in Spiritual life to evolve towards the highest state is to surrender completely to the Divine and His Will whether it is favourable or unfavorable to us. Lives of Sixty Three Nayanmars are examples in this regard. They held onto Siva Dharma firmly even at the cost of their life despite extreme sufferings/hardships and tests from Lord Siva.

  2. Guruve Saranam

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