Vinayaka in Ramayana?

Vinayaka & Maha Periyava

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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Vinayaka in the Ramayana?

The section of the Srimad Ramayana of Valmiki which speaks of the merits that accrue from its reading is called, ‘Phalasruti’, literally ‘fruit of the chanting’. This section lists a number of rewards—that the one who reads it shall be blessed with good children, that the boon one seeks shall be granted, and that those who are separated shall be united again. Following this, another line occurs, which is, ‘Vinayakascha Samyanti Grhe Tisthati Yasya Vai.’

What does ‘Vinayaka mean here? Usually the meaning attributed to the word is ‘Remover of obstacles’ or ‘hurdles’. Pujya Sri Maha Swami gave the following explanation.

“Subha Itara Sthanesu Sthitanam Grahanam Dosah Samyanti; Subhasthanesu Sthitanam Grahanam Anukulyam Yatha Jayate, Tadaiva, Subhetara Sthanesu Sthitanam Grahanam Anukulyamapi Labhyate—Ityarthtah”

Sri Maha Periyava has given this explanation in a conference of scholars, when He was camping at Ilayathankudi. Scholars who are schooled in traditional scholarship look at texts in the manner that tradition has trained them to. Subtleties in reading do not present themselves to their mind. What exactly did Periyava say? Reading and/or listening to the Ramayana leads to ‘Vinayakah Samyanti’, which means,

“The planets in the horoscope that are housed in benevolent positions do great good. But reading the Ramayana results in planets that are not housed in benevolent positions also doing great good to one, as if they are located in benevolent positions.”

Who but Sri Periyava can dive into the ocean of words and scoop out such pearls?

Surely we could give the benediction to those that read this narrative,

‘Vinayakah Samyanti Jagadguroh Anugrahat’, that ‘great good shall come to one by the grace of the Jagadguru, no matter what the hurdle’.

Author: Brahmasri Ramakrishna Dikshitar, Vidwan-Sri Matham,Kanchipuram
Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal
Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya fb
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