Help in Difficult Times


Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri B. Narayanan Mama for the translation and share. Sri Periyava’s Karunyam and the importance of Anthima Samskaram (final rites) are the highlights here. Ram Ram

Source: Maha Periyava Dharsana Anubhavangal

Author: Sri T.S.Kodhandarama Sarma.

Publishers: Vanathi Pathippakam.

All those who know Maha Periyava will know Sri Matam Balu mama.

Shri Balu mama, in his long association with Sri Matam and Maha Periyava, has seen lacs of devotees, from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the most uneducated to learned scholars, from ordinary citizens to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, people in all walks of life. And, he has been a witness to and a participant in thousands of incidents connected with Sri Matam and Maha Periyava.

Below is one those interesting, thought provoking incident.

Help in Difficult Times

A peasant family, which has been living in wealthy conditions, was pushed into abject poverty.

An old woman in the family had passed away. The family, did not have the money necessary for the cremation and last rites . The family used to conduct those ceremonies with a lot of fan fare, with drums, flower palanquin etc.

They did not go and ask for loan from others as they felt, it would be below their dignity.

The family members were deeply devoted to Maha Periyava, and so were known to all.

Two security guards in the Sri Matam were talking to each other:

“They are in great crisis brother ! It was such a wealthy and famous ‘Parampara’. Now, they are unable to even take the body for cremation…”– said one to the other.

This fell into the ears of Maha Periyava, who was resting in a room nearby.

He immediately called ‘Karvar’ Ramamurthy Iyer, and told him to immediately send some body to that house, to convey the condolence and give Rs.2000/– to them.

The son of the dead woman was in tears, not because of his mother’s death but when he thought of Maha Periyava’s ‘Kaarunyam’.

Two thousand rupees in those days, is equivalent to today’s half a lac of rupees!

For Maha Periyava, ‘Lakshyam’ is important and not the ‘Lakshamms’! (Lakhs)

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