Jallikattu & Gho-rakshanam

Jallikattu and gho-rakshanam go hand-in-hand – we need to discuss about this 🙂

Jallikattu protest is taking a different dimension in TN today. Entire country is jolted with the protestors’ unity, determination and it all feels good. We are so pumped up with this protest for only one reason that we are starting to realize – our people are starting to ignore political parties to raise their concerns and dealing directly with the public and the people who are impacted. How? Two examples – Flood in 2015 and this one too. They never cared about the government, they stand united, they are not motivated by any political parties and anyone – they are doing on their own. We need this part of our DNA in the future as we, the people, should control what we get as our rights and not beg the government for everything.

If we see this from PEriyava’s views, He is always for maintaining our culture, our parambaryam in every place. He has spoken in volumes about these two topics on why it is important to do so etc. From that perspective, I, personally support removing the ban on jallikattu.

From the cruelty perspective, I have heard stories about some level of abuse happens during those jallikattu days – not sure. Even if that happens, it is better than slaughtering – at least that is how I view this. So, in my personal opinion, it is tolerable. Look at this video – that boy says that the bull is their family member. My only question to him and all those supporters of jallikattu is “why do you support selling your family member for slaughtering? Isn’t it your duty to support them till they die or give them to a place where they will be supported?” These youngsters should think what their real ask is. To me, their ask is to remove the ban – that’s it. If they think beyond that, Periyava will be happy.

PETA – in this case, is going after a wrong target. If they are genuinely interested in saving animals from abuse, they should work with the center to shutdown all slaughterhouses. They should go to Spain and stop bullfight where cows are killed at the end of the show; go to Brazil and shut down the world’s largest slaughterhouse. PETA in my personal opinion has been pushing lots and lots of Americans to become vegan – they helped several circus and sea worlds to stop certain cruelty shows etc. Here in this case, PETA seems to be having an hidden agenda (in partnership with multi-national companies) and pushing this ban, which is quite condemnable. Eliminating native cows should not be their agenda – we should not let that project succeed.

The systematic eradication of native cows have been happening since Nehru days – today we have very very little % of native cows. We want to increase their population in the next 10-15 years to a significant number that our next generation is benefitted with the utmost healthier milk and milk products and all abishekams to swamis in the future are done out of native cows. I am glad that people at least start to realize the benefits of native cows. The problem is that about 90% of these protestors will forget the whole issue once the ban is removed and there would be no one to support the larger cause. I want these youngsters to continue their fight against the ban AND extend their fight against cow slaughtering too. All these fights are meaningless if the cows are not saved.

May Kanchi Mahaswami give them all the energy and motivation to support this.

Our namaskaram to ghomata and Mahaswami

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Playing Jallikattu and Gho rakshanam go handy but they should not torture those bulls that lost thier way. It is just a game and bulls should be respected if they win or lose…. Mahaperiyava will bless and Periyava Should guide through his sushma sariram to build a law that holds good for conducting game as well as to protect bulls.

  2. An excellent article.

  3. A good thing at last has started….. Ultimately, the Cows are saved. Thanks Periva for igniting the fire in the minds of youngsters in the TN. Let this fire spread across the nation and let more more cows are saved this way!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara…… Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Not a single comment from any of the protestors on cow slaughter and on how thousands of cows are being sent to Kerala for being killed.

    While it is true that the spontaneous but peaceful protest to get back our traditional sports is most welcome, it is very sad that the moment the words cow protection are uttered, it seems to take on a Hindu connotation and you will find the press going all out to condemn those who want our cows to live.

    Instead of just sitting at home and blaming all and everything, we should do our best – physically and monetarily – whatever we can to protect the cow and the Vedas and our acharam and anushtanam. If each of one of us contributes in their own way, however small it may be, to keep our acharam and anushtanams alive, the results are bound to be miraculous.

  5. As much as we would like to think otherwise, TN people are not going to support Gho-Rakshanam. The common TN people identify themselves with beef eaters and fellow Muslim/Christian friends than the so called ‘North Indian’, ‘Brahminical/Aryan’ forces. This hatred has been sowed, nursed and now it is deep rooted! Nothing can be done about it. The fact that there is a Christian NGO connection cannot be denied as well. So, we can only keep mum and follow our duty as much as possible.

    • Chandrashekar L is absolutely right. There is a deep-seated prejudice in Tamil Nad against cow protection. Non-vegetarian food ( meat, eggs, fish etc) and alcohol are promoted by the state. Even though people of Tamil Nad blindly swear by Tiruvalluvar, and even though he has written 10 kurals each on non-drinking [ கள்ளுண்ணாமை ] and not eating meat,[ புலால் மறுத்தல்] no one cares. The political leaders publicly take pride in both drinking and meat eating. The atmosphere is one of not just indifference but positive hostility, which has been fed and nursed by over a century of general propaganda, and half a century of prejudiced government. Imagine a situation where lakhs of youngsters, through their most impressionable years, are fed such stuff through the state-controlled education system! It seems only a direct divine intervention can save the situation!

  6. may mahaperiyava shower his blessings on our native cows and save them from cruelty and getting slaughtered. let us all pray for our gho matha.

  7. There are lot of things to say on the subject, but this is not the forum.
    The ban on Jallikattu was first imposed suo moto by a Madras High Court judge who was a Christian, when it was not even the subject of consideration. The same single judge pronounced against Chidambaram Temple Dikshitars, reversing the decision of an earlier bench! These people did not protest then !
    This is a deep Christian game, where multinationals and NGOs join hands. Our judiciary has also been active in promoting such agenda, which hits mostly Hindus. Hindu religious and allied cultural traditions become the target. It will not be appropriate to say more on this subject in this forum.

    There is every chance that people-especially youngsters do not see the larger connections between our traditional celebrations, native and natural ways of life, protection of traditional livelihoods and patterns of living,protection of native species of animals and the larger ecology.

    I am seeing this kind of popular, spontaneous social uprising in Tamil Nad after 50 years- after the anti-Hindi agitations of 1965. But that had totally undesirable consequences as the movement was appropriated by political elements. I only hope this will not be repeated again.

    • Sorry Sir
      This is exactly what is happening now. A repeat of 1967.
      The stage has been cunningly misappropriated by the anti-national elements,.
      But fortunately we have a strong Center now.
      Hope things get normal very soon.

  8. From this Jallikattu ban removal, we must move on and muster the youth and all Indians, irrespective of religion or region for GOSAMRAKSHANAM and also slowly but surely move to vegetarianism, no compulsion but by education and setting role models. All animals and birds are saved. All said and done even non-veg food is cooked only out of saka pakshini spices and not the other way.

  9. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. All is good if it ends well Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  10. You are right. And though this is not the forum to say this, it is true that:
    PETA has anti-Hindu agenda.
    There is a deliberate program to eradicate our native species of cattle.
    We have already lost many of our cattle varieties, as well as many rice, cotton, banana, etc. varieties.
    A strategem similar to the eradication of the Native American tribes and civilization by slaughtering the millions of bison or prairie buffalo that was a critical species for their survival as carried out succesfully by the white, christian colonials, is being applied here. After the introduction and encouragement of the “pink revolution” by the previous Govt. of India, India has become the second biggest exporter of beef in the world.
    There are many more horrifying things happening. Please may Periyaval give us the strength and wisdom and the abilities to do what we have to do to save and sustain our Dharma.
    Periyaval Charanam.

  11. Sivan sir is a great votary of Nattu pasu and its benifits. Nattu pasum paal can be given to children after they are weaned from mother’s milk.

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