Invitation from Bangalore Nammasampradaya Patasala



38 th monthly Anusham Vaibhavam will be celebrated at Nammasampradaya Vedapatashala, on sunday the 22 ND Jan Program starts @ 5.30 PM with Gho pooja, abishekam, followed by Alankaram, SRI RUDRA TRISADHI WITH VILVAM, Anusham pravachavanam by SAMA VEDA DEEKSHADAR SHRI ANJANEYAR SARMA FROM VIJAYAWADA, BRUGU VALLI parayanam, Mahaperiyava Ashtothram, Pallaki, Aarathi & Thodakashtakam. All devotees kindly requested to participate & get the blessings. Mahaperiyava Saranam. HOME MADE SWEETS ARE ACCEPTED.

Kindly contact Bharath 9845232561 for additional information.


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