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  1. one of best ever…not surprising since it’s his discourse.amazing cornucopia of knowledge! a big thanks to you-srinivasan

  2. Dear Sir, I am yet to get a response from you as to how to download this video and listen carefully and at lesuire. regards sundaram

    KAILAS DHARSHAN RATHNA V.I.SUNDARAM ” OMKAILAS” 8/1 NEW 17/1 RAMA RAO ROAD,THIRUMYLAI, CHENNAI 600 004 PHONE NO. +91-44-24661345 MOBILE:9444926629,9551531110 கைலாஸ் தர்ஷன் ரத்னா வைத்யநாத அய்யர் சுந்தரம்

    On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 2:47 AM, Sage of Kanchi wrote:

    > Mahesh posted: “Every VDPS lecture is a treasure. This is one of the > finest from mullaivasal mama. Don’t miss. Thanks Vignesh Studio for sharing > the video. https://youtu.be/44h7k2B-0f8” >

  3. Pranams. I am proud to say that I learned Suryanamaskara manthras from sri. Viswaranthan, disciple of Mullaivasal Periyaval during service at Mettur .
    Extremely fortunate to hear the vast area of information available in Suryanamkara Manthras.
    jaya jaya sankara

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