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Mahaperiyava is pratyaksham – this is not some statement we loosely use just to impress someone. Everywhere there are so many incidents that are happening that are beyond human comprehension. The latest viral thing that is going on in social media –  Sankarapuram Periyava. The kind of unexpected turns of events and the kind of miracles He has been doing is quite amazing. The trip turned into a journey of a lifetime!

I listened to one samaveda vadhyar giving a 2 mts interview of his experience who came to have darshan of Sankarapuram Periyava. I am unable to find that audio from that group – if someone could send me that audio – i can post…His son had a dream and next day he mentioned to his father about the dream that one thatha came in the dream but he was not able to clearly tell who came. After some hours, he accidentally saw mahaperiyava’s photo and he said that was the thatha who came in the dream. So our Srowthigal mama talked to someone and he was suggested to start  the anusha puja. Given the fact that srowthigal mama’s living itself is dependent on prohitam, he was not able to spend much for anusham. From that point onwards till today, rain or shine, he would somehow get some work that would get him roughly Rs 10,000 – just enough to conduct anusham. It started off with few people and now more and more people are attending. In that interview, srowthigal mama was unable to speak – he is in tears and choking….No science can explain this!

Periyava’s blessings to such devotees via such miracles only shows two things (1) devotees’ true bakthi (2) Periyava’s grace to bless not just that devotee but all devotees in that place.

While I have posted hundreds of articles like this, I have not experienced very many incidents in my personal life until this bhogi. Ok – now it is getting interesting, right?!

On bhogi (Jan 13th), I finished my morning puja as usual and I usually keep one flower on Periyava’s siras and one His holy foot of the Periyava Vigraham.  This is my daily routine. On that day, I did the same and left outside and got busy. I kept the flower on His siras so that the flower is facing us and the stem is facing the wall behind. At night, I go back to the puja room to give Him hot milk, say good night and all the usual stuff. Normally, the flowers I keep either stay on the feet or head or they fall on the floor. Here, I noticed that the flower is in a position where the stem is facing the roof! I was surprised and bit scared too. I wanted to eliminate the possibilities of any natural process or any human part to this. I asked my wife and my son and they both didn’t touch the flower and they in fact didn’t even notice the flower etc. First I took a photo of the flower before I did anything. Later, I took that flower, tried different positions to explore how this could have happened. Given that small area on His head of the vigraham, there is no way that this could have happened based on our known theories. Then I also took a photo of keeping the flower in the way I kept it and took a photo. I didn’t know  how to interpret this . I talked to someone whom I trust on these matters and could give better interpretations. He was confirming that Periyava is just telling all of us that He is pratyaksham in Chicago and accepting / approving our prayers. This may be a small/ordinary incident for others but for me and my family – this is something huge! Something that we feel truly blessed. In my case, He probably did this to get some bakthi into my head. I dont know if there any other interpretations.

chicago periyava flower.jpg

Chicago Periyava is here to bless everyone – not just for my family alone. Come, sit in front of Him, pray and offer your neivedhyams to Him and receive His blessings.

Thanks to Balaji for helping me with tweaking the photo.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Hi
    Want to know where in Chicago Sri Maha Periyava is present?
    i wanted to visit that place.
    My mail id is

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Swami is everywhere in the pixel of the phone am typing in the breath which take noticing or unnoticed.. In the eye which sees, and in the space around us.

  3. I will share my personal humble experiences. The thought of relieving those memories again and again has made my understanding and relishing of Periyava’s grace better.

    Don’t know from when the thought of MahaPeriyava as manaseega guru got embedded in me. I always used to carry a picture of MahaPeriyava which my friend gave in my wallet which was in black and white format showing MahaPeriyava doing his japa over a small rock island, hands raised in blessing. Without seeing that picture for at least for a moment, I have not attended any exam or competitions. He was my good luck charm.

    I graduated from college with high colors but owing to the 2008 financial crisis, whatever job offer I received was being delayed without a timeline causing much hardship as my family was gripped by financial difficulties owing to sudden illness of my father. One fine day of early December, 2008 I hada dream where an image of MahaPeriyava appears against a dark background with a halo around instructing me the following – “Enna vandu paru, elam seri ayidum”. I rushed to Kanchipuram (on 7th December) and offered my prayers. The succeeding Monday, I get a call from a company (to whom I hadapplied simply without even expecting a call as they were at that time hiring no freshers) for interview. I attend the interview of 6 tough rounds and within 2 days get my offer letter. Periyava pratyaksham. He has been my guiding spirit.

    Blessed with a daughter on Anusham after my wife being in labor for 2 previous days, was able to do shastiabdapoorthi of my father who recuperated from a deadly diesease on one of the mukthi Anusham days. This event was planned and executed in 4 weeks. All grace of my Lord!

    Lastly, when some issues came up when planning to buy a home, headed again to Kanchipuram. Even before I went to the matam, a car overtakes us en route. I till that time was in deep contemplation oblivious of the surrounding with my head down. When I look up, the car before us bears the caption “Sri Sri MahaPeriyava Anugraha” and goes before us full two minutes. Our car overtook it and we never saw that car again. Doubtless to say, we went ahead with the deal and on the house warming day Periyava graced us in 3 different gift forms as photos and vigraha. What grace! Without MahaPeriyava guiding me, my life will be nothing but void.

    Parthukitay iruka thonuday, Periyavalai parthukittay iruka thonudey! Periyava prathyaksham!

  4. I would also like to share my experience…

    Sorry for the lengthy post and also apologies if there is any mistake in my post…as this is my first post of this kind.

    I am one of the unfortunate souls who did not had the opportunity to know about Periyavaa for more than 3 decades…

    Very recently started reading/listening about Periyavaa and HIS greatness… and every time I curse my karma for not having known him earlier…

    It was the time when I was searching for true solace and a GURU to lead me through…One fine day after reading / listening about Periyava a lot, I did saranagathi to HIM pleading to take me as his disciple.
    Though I did saranagathi, I had a doubt if Periyava would even consider this sinner as his disciple…as I very well knew that I have done nothing but sin all these years…

    As said by Velukkudi Krishnan ji in his discourse “Only one eligibility we have is that we are not eligible for anything”, yes very true for me…
    So I prayed to HIM that “please accept me … I will consider as accepted if YOU come to my home by Yourself” I meant I would not buy pictures of him from shops…HE has to come by himself…

    (It might sound silly, but please ignore my ignorance; I couldn’t think of any other means…it was like child demanding to his mom).The reason being I live in Bangalore and that too in a gated community were almost 99% people are in IT hub…so if such thing happens then it is a miracle for me.

    Days passed by, while surfing I came to know about Orikkai Mani Mantapam, I did some online money transfer to that trust for Manimantapam. It was on March,4 2016.
    I totally forgot about that, on March 18 got a mail from the trust acknowledging the contribution and a receipt was also attached.

    In May 2016, I was in distress due to some family issues, I was totally shattered, daily used to pray HIM to give me solace…this agony was going on for a week or so…May 3rd week I had my birthday. On my birthday, my agony doubled, don’t find words to explain the pain…I was crying inconsolably within myself to Periyavaa,though was happy outside…
    I had no plans to go outside but due to circumstances we went to a temple, while returning home I was crying to Periyava to relieve from this pain and pleaded that I should not see my next birthday…that much was the hurt and pain…

    Around 9.30 /10 pm we reached home, I was nearing the door to unlock the key, and a postal envelope was lying near the door (the cover was upside down). It was very unusual, as security person of our apartment would get the post if door is locked. So I thought might be some promotional flyers…when I took the postal, I was surprised ?? …I don’t know what to tell a mixed feeling..
    The post was from Orikkai ManiMantapam trust (SSSMM trust)…so I thought they have sent the hard copy of the receipt. But when I opened, I busted out and cried uncontrollably…

    ”HE has come to my home saying I am there for you and I accepted you”

    There was vibuthi and kumkum prasadham along with Periyava’s photo…

    I never expected this, did some contribution in March and getting a parasadam in May that too on the day when I was in utmost distress…no better way of answering one’s prayers…

    Periyavaa alone knows how much mental agony I was facing through….no words to explain…

    He ascertained on a right time that don’t worry “I am there”. Falling short of words…

    Even now, tears roll down…

    Periyavaa Charanam!!

  5. Periyava saranam

  6. Dear Uma,,

    Sorry I forgot to give you me email id.

  7. Dear Uma Venkat,
    Just happened to read all your divine experiences. I felt very happy. I’m also fm Madurai. Infact born n bread there. Now living in overseas after my marriage in 1982. I would like to talk to yr mum and get her blessings. My name is Hemalatha. Pls contact me through my email id. If u could share yr mum’s contact no I wd talk to her one of these days. Hope Sri Maha Periyava bless me with this opportunity. Pls convey my namaskarams to yr parents.

    Thank you n sorry if I hv taken too much liberty with you.

    • Dear Ms Hemalatha

      sorry , Now only i saw your message. Thank you so much for your kind reply. I am very very happy to see your comment. I will send mail to you. You can get in touch with my mom.

      Madam… Dont say sorry at all…

      Uma Venkat

  8. Periava resides in the hearts of all true bhakthas and in your case resides in His own graham
    AT Chicago
    namaskars to a true bhaktha
    Ram Ram

  9. Shri Maheshji,

    The moment I saw the second photo, I was very happy that you kept the flower like I feel I should. But sometimes I get tempted and keep the other way.

    Let me explain.

    I had read earlier, Mahaperiyava has said that Mahalakshmi is very tender, and we should not keep flowers with stems. They hurt her.

    So I always remove the stems as much as I can, and when I have time, try to make the remaining stump stem of the flower as rounded as possible. I noticed at Srimatam, that the whole green portion is completely removed for red hibiscus etc.., before offering to Her).

    Then, sometime back, I noticed that the rose flowers here(U.S.A) have really harsh calyx (green portions) and even if the stem is completely removed, I was not happy. If I removed it all, the petals will fall apart. At the same time, if I kept it whole, I was worried that it might hurt Ambal.

    Then I remembered how Mahaperiyava once told a devotee in a video interview, who was making a silver kavacham with gold plating for Ambal, that the gold plating should be touching Her and not facing us. It is for Her, not for our visual enjoyment.

    Does not that same logic apply for the flowers also. Shouldn’t the soft part of the flower be on them and not facing us, for our appreciation.

    So I try and keep the flowers ultaa, with the soft petals towards them, on head or feet. Sometimes, the flowers are very beautiful, and I get tempted, I and keep them facing outwards, but feel guilty.

    From your photo sharing, I felt that maybe, Periyava is saying something.

    Just wished to share my experience.

    ( According to Mahaperiyava, these hybrid roses are wild flowers{ Kaattu Poo} and not fit for Pujai, only the tender rose pink native Indian roses can be used for pujai, . I still buy these roses because I get bored with offering Them only Chaamanthi flowers, and pink roses are not available in the market. Those with facility for pots or gardens can buy the pink Indian roses here in U.S too. It is called “ROSA DAMASCENA TRIGINTIPETALA KAZANLIK “, pl. buy with its IT’S OWN ROOTS, NOT GRAFTED.).

  10. Shri Mahaperiyava Charanam.

    • Bhogi is the last day of Margazhi. This month Is important for Andal and Mahaperiva. Both incarnated for our spiritual upliftment.
      The blessing you got may be considered thus:

      Andal choodi koduthadhai malai, Perumal uvandhu kondar;

      Nee uvandhu kodutha poo,
      Periva choodi kondar!

  11. All of you are true bhaktas. That is what I can say. Hopefully, we will also get His blessings too.

  12. JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA SANKARA. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  13. Blessed Mahesh, Great experience. Best wishes. Raja Dubai

  14. maha periyava patharavindham samarphanam. Jaya Jaya sankara hara hara sankara.
    It was Tuesday aug 4 2016 , I usually pray lord vinayaga by coming him as prathakshanam. on that day in kalavasal in madurai I do it so by putting garland on lord vinayaga and started chanting ganapathi upanishad. on my chantings there comes a loud sound from the bottom of the heart saying “dai ena thandi rendu tharam poirka ana enna pakalaye ne,sari pratyakshama suthu unakana velaiya na thedi vachuten” I heard it. After entering the friend house with pradosha prasadam. I cant utter a word. On seeing at their pooja room towards right there lies maha periyava photo. Then I understand that it was he who blessed me.

  15. Sri Mahaperiyava charanam

  16. மகா பெரியவா திருவடி சரணம் ..

    இந்த பதிவை படிக்கும் பொழுது மெய் சிலிர்க்கிறது.

    என் அம்மா திருமதி லலிதா சுந்தரம் அவர்களுக்கு நேர்ந்த அனுபவத்தை இங்கு நான் பகிர்கிறேன். என் அம்மா ஸ்ரீவித்யா உபாசகர்.மேலும் சுமார் 200 வருடங்களுக்கு மேல் வாழ்ந்த ஞானானந்த கிரி ஸ்வாமிகளின் நேரடி சிஷ்யை. அவர்களின் ஸ்ரீ வித்யா பூர்த்தி விழா கூட விழுப்புரம் சங்கர மடத்தில் மகா பெரியவா ஆசியுடன் வெகு விமர்சையாக ஏப்ரல் 2016 இல் நடந்தது. விழா ஆரம்பிக்கும் பொழுதே அவரின் statue வில் அணிவித்த மல்லிகை மாலை கீழே விழுந்து என் அம்மாவிற்கு ஆசி கிடைத்தது பெரியவாவிடம் இருந்து . ஏதாவது வேண்டிக்கொண்டு பூஜை செய்தால் என் அம்மாவின் குருவாகிய ஞானானந்த கிரி ஸ்வாமிகள் போட்டோவில் இருந்தோ , மகா பெரியவா போட்டோவில் இருந்தோ பூ விழும். என் அம்மா ஸ்வாமி உத்தரவு கொடுத்து விட்டார் என நினைப்பார்கள்

    அம்மாவும் (80 வயது), அப்பாவும்(94 வயது) மதுரையில் இருக்கிறார்கள். எங்கள் அம்மாவின் கிருகத்தில் மிக பெரிய மகா பெரியவா போட்டோ உள்ளது . என் அம்மா தினமும் பூஜை செய்வார்கள் .2014ம் வருடம் ஆகஸ்ட் மாதம் எப்பொழுதும் போல் ஸ்வாமிகளின் படத்திற்கு வில்வம் வைத்து பூஜை முடித்து கற்பூர ஆரத்தி காண்பித்து முடித்தார்கள். அன்று மாலை வில்வம் பெரியவாளின் தலையில் இருந்து அவர் கையில் வைத்து இருந்த தண்டத்தில் போய் gum போட்டு ஒட்டியது போல் எந்த வித கிரிப் இல்லாமல் ஒட்டி கொண்டு 2, 3 நாட்கள் ஆகியும் கீழே விழவில்லை. என் அம்மா அடைந்த சந்தோசத்திற்கும் ஆச்சர்யத்திற்கும் அளவே இல்லை. என் அம்மாவிற்கு மகா பெரியவாவின் ஆசி இருக்கிறது.

    லோகா சமஸ்தா சுகினோ பவந்து
    உமா வெங்கட்


    I have had a similar miracle at my home.

    I have a pooja mantap at home, where Lord Sri Mahaperiyava’s Thirumeni Vigraham and His other photos docorate. In the morning, after sandhya vandanam I perform abhishakam, archana, niveidhyam and karpoora arathi. A pair of Kamakshi Deepam are lit with ghee wick faces Sri Mahavickeriyava’s Vigraham. After deepa aradhanai, I place flowers on the Vigraham and Photos including Sri Kamakshi Amman photo with Mahaperiyava on the right side of the Mantapam. I then get ready to go to office

    In the evening when I opened the doors of the Mantap, the Yellow Samandhi Flower that I placed on top of the Sri Kamakshi Amman/ Mahaperiyava photo was found in between the 2 Kamakshi Deepam. If it at all it had fallen from the top of the photo, it should have been found at the bottom of the photo. But on the other hand, it was found in between 2 Kamakshi Ghee Deepams, which are atleast more than 6 inches away. My wife and daughter never meddle with my Pooja Mantap.

    I am sure Lord Mahaperiyava orders me to place a flower for the Kamakshi Deepams also. From then onwards, I daily place a flower or a pathram in between Kakakshi Deepams also after Deepa Aradhanai.

    Great are the ways how Lord Mahaperiyava conveys His Wishes to a lesser mortal like me. I have taken a snap of my Lord’s Mantap, but I don’t know how to post it in this website.

  18. Thank you for sharing. It has lot of meanings for me

  19. Pray believe He’s with you in you around you making you don’t do anything wrong. Shankaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàà

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