Sankarapuram Periyava Yatra – Update

Yesterday, I posted about the yatra. A whatsapp group has been created for Sankarapuram Periyava. They have been sending live feeds of Periyava from each and every place. The experiences are so amazing – wherever Periyava goes, the scene is changed magically and all volunteers who are doing padha yatra with Periyava are taken care so well wherever they go….Unknown people come and take care of them…Villagers come running to Periyava to get blessings – they ask for Periyava photo, prasadam…People do anga pradakshanam to PEriyava in Orikkai….Several temple gurukkals give poorna kumbam and pray to Sarveswaran. I knew their plan from advocate anna earlier and I thought it is going to be just another trip of carrying Periyava from Point A to Point B – but looking at all these happenings, it is unbelievable – this journey is becoming a historical event for Sankarapuram.

Here are some photos/videos I got from this group – advocate anna talking about story of the vigraham stone, how dilip started, eye opening of the vigraham etc. I am not the owner for this group. Please contact Sri Raghavan +91 9884071959 if you want to get added.

Periyava is tatroopam in this vigraham – so much of karunyam!

Our namaskaram to Sankarapuram Periyava and advocate anna and all other volunteers for this.

Our special respect to Sri Dilip who did this work with absolutely no experience in the past and who accomplished this with a kuruttu dhairyam (given by Periyava). This has made him a celebrity and I am sure Periyava will bless him and his family more in the days to come.






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  1. Pl add me to whatsapp group my number is 9866343142

  2. Thanks for putting up the photos. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara sankara. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

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