Sringeri Kshetra Mahatmiyam


Thanks to Sri Ganapathy Subramanian for sharing his experience of few days in Sringeri and narrating it nicely linking Adi Sankara, Mahaperiyava, Sringeri acharyas, Sri Triplicane Periyava. It is evident from all our acharyas on how bagavad dhyanam, bagavad nama japam is the foundation for our atma sakshatkaaram.

Whenever I read about Adi Sankarar, I feel guilty of having not read the Adi Sankara Charitham in depth yet although we all know the story to greater extent. The entire Sankara Charitham is a treasure and Mahaperiyava has talked so much that Sri Ra Ganapathy dedicated almost an entire volume of Dheivathin Kural for this topic.

Click here to read the Tamil transcript of this audio.



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