Periyava Darshanam Koti Punyam

In continuation to earlier posting, few more photos surfaced in the FB/Whatsapp – although I got these from one of the groups, I see Hariharan posted in FB…..Thanks Hari.

Mahaperiyava treated Bala Periyava like a real grandson. In one of the interviews, I have heard someone saying that PEriyava used to tell “Go call Kuzhandhai swamy to come and sit here – idhallem paarthaa avarukku konjam pozhudhu poghum” when some processions come from Kamakshi amman temple – only Periyava knows what that young Balaswamy needed at that time – both acharya dharmam and also observing such activities. Like I always say, those who have witnessed all three Periyavas from 1982 onwards are greatly blessed…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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