Padhayatra of Mahaperiyava Vigraham from Kanchi to Sankarapuram

Sri Venkatasubramanian, advocate needs no intro. As some of you may be already aware, he just completed a 5 feet vigraham of Mahaperiyava  made of Turkish marble to be installed at the upcoming epicenter of vaidheekas – Sankarapuram / Kathiramangalam near Thiruvengadu. This Periyava weighs 2 tonnes!

Periyava started His journey from Adishtanam, Kamakshi amman temple and will take 2-3 days via road to reach the final destination. I am getting feeds frequently from the devotees who are walking with Periyava. Thanks to all of them and to advocate also for sharing these pictures and videos.

This periyava has been designed based off Sri Sivan Sar’s photo of Mahaperiyava sitting. Only change that was made to that photo is the abhaya hastham – rest is the exact replica of this photo. namavali075

In one of the photos here, you can see advocate anna and Dilip (in pants), stapathi of this vigraham as I understand. I am not sure if he is the same person who also did fiber Periyava too! Regardless, a great job – tatroopam. I am glad for the whole place in and around Sankarapuram to have this live Periyava and an opportunity to worship Him daily! Aho baghyam!

Our namaskarams to advocate anna for his unparalleled bakthi and efforts for Periyava kainkaryam! Waiting for every opportunity to go to Sankarapuram to have darshan.

As I understand, as I write this, He is on His way to Orikkai. Please feel free to contact Sri Raghavan 9884071959 if you are interested in this yatra. He sent an audio clip about the program in whatsapp and i am unable to download the clip for some unknown reason.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!



Marble Periyava7.jpeg

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