Sri Vaduvur Swamin, a nonagenerian, duly involved in his madhyanhikam..I dont think any more write-up is needed for this photo. Let us all remember Mahaperiyava, Musiri Mahan and this thatha always to get motivated to do our nityakarmas without fail.

Thanks to Sri Karthik Sudarshan for the share.

Madhyanhikam thatha.jpg


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  1. Thank you all for the wonderful information. Very happy to receive this information. My sincere namaskarams to all the elders in the blog. Guruvey thunai. Regards Arthi Venkat

  2. After pratha Sandhya, Madhyana can be done according to own’s convenience. If put to practice, it will go a long way(automatically).
    Jaya Jaya sankara

  3. If unable to do at the appropriate time one can do it after 8.20 AM as suggested by Kanchi Paramacharyal.
    If this is also not possible do the madhyannikam mentally. It is the bhavana and sradha that matters. Whenever I am caught in a difficult situation this is what I do. No God will punish you!

    • Precisely! You are spot on Sri Ganapathy V Iyer. Namaskaram. In fact this has been approved by Sringeri Saradhapeetam in its Sandhyavandanam publication wherein the Sankaracharya Swami says one can perform maanaseeka Sandhyavandanam-Maadhyaanikam in situations where we are unable to do thro’ the prescribed procedure. One should do everything mentally.

      That being the liberty given us, I normally take the opportunity to fly to Devaprayag — the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda — giving birth to Ganga, establish a Temple comprising Sri Mahaaperiyava [who is Sri Subramanya in my thought, a Sivalanga, and Sri Mahaganapathi], arrange a pipeline made of pure gold right from the confluence reaching atop these three vigrahas having three appropriate openings and perform an abhishekam with Ganga, the pandal has one opening below out of which the Abhisheka teertam of the three flow out — I take the liberty of having my snaanam right below it, dry myself, change into madi vastram, tie my tuft, apply vibhuti, chandanam and kunkumam, circumambulate the three Swamis, perform Saashtanga namaskaram, take their permission, reach the flow of the Ganga, sprinkle a few drops on to my head, step into knee-deep Ganga and perform appropriate Sandhyavandanam, Maadhyaanikam etc. starting from Achamanam, Ganapati dhyaanam, Sankalpam etc. climb back to the Maanaseeka Temple sit there on an appropriate aasanam and perform my Japam ending with adhyaano devasavita: [I restrict myself to just 108 G] and the entire procedure takes about 35 mts. Once done, I feel much relieved and happy. So anyone can do that and apply this to any form of worship including building a proper Temple, performing its kumbabishekam, anna dhaanam etc. The options are many. Only thing being we should be Blessed to get such ideas. [After reading such literature too one can get inspired].

  4. Yes. In such cases, immediately after Prata: Sandhyavandanam, one can do Maadhyaanikam — whatever time of the morning. Only specially blessed people can develop the desire to perform Maadhyaanikam. It occurs only in rare minds. You appear to be that special kind. ||Sivaya Nama: Om||

    As you can see from this beautifully-taken photograph, you can see the Sun’s light in this grand-father’s left eye. From the position of his hand, apparently, it must be around 11.00 am when he is completing it.

    The mudra through which Sun is seen during Maadhyaanika upastaanam is called Varuna-Paasam. When a boy is initiated into the Gayatri, he starts with Maadhyaanikam only.

  5. Dear all, I have a practical question in my mind. The elders in this blog please explain /suggest a method. Or what they have successfully found a way out, request someone to share their methods. Though there is sincere thoughts about doing madhyanikam, the circumstances in this today’s world is such that only 2 times the gents perform sandhya vanthanam(morning and evening) however madhyanikam is at office hours. How to accomplish this? Can they do it after the morning sandhi? Please forgive me if my question is very trivial. Thank you. Periyava thunai. Arthi Venkat

    • After Morning Sandi you can do Madyanikam if are working in office

    • Yes. Mahaperiyava had said that we can do madhyanhikam after 8.20 AM before going to office.

      From: Sage of Kanchi Reply-To: Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 8:23 AM To: Subject: [Sage of Kanchi] Comment: “Madhyanhikam”

      • But what about someone who has to leave for Office at 6.00 am & returns home around 7 p.m.? Will he have to forego performing M ? No. Therefore he can do it immediately after his PS. After 8.20 is for guys who leave for office around 9.00 [keeping time for his breakfast too].

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