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  1. She was born in a catholic family but the family didn’t take to their religion seriously. They were dalit converts to catholicism two generations ago. She studied at the St Aloysius Girls HS and St Marys College – both in Tuticorin. She is a PG in English language and literature. She started her career as a lecturer in English in APC Mahalakshmi College in Tuticorin. Her interest in Tamil literature was inspired by her father who was a sort of amateur dramatist who staged his plays at different places in Tuticorin on various occasions. She used to speak at public meetings as a college student initially – like participation in oratorical contests. As a College student and then, as a lecturer, initially her interests centered around the poet Bharati and Vallalar. Later on, the epics Mahabharatam and Kamba Ramayanam. Beyond these, she didn’t move. I don’t know whether she knows Sanskrit and Malayalam. Her interest in Hindu scriptures like Saiva Sithandha marais, Devaram, Thiruvasagam etc. was very late in her career i.e. about when she became 40. Her interest in Hindu religion became deep by this time and she became fully a Salivate Hindu w/o dropping her name given by her parents, and has not become officially a Hindu. No need for that as everyone takes her to be a Hindu only. But she is interested only in Saivism but a liberal in the sense she doesn’t disparage any other Hindu sect and also, other religions like Islam and Christianity in her lecturers. She has retired now and is traveling widely to lecture mostly on Hindu Saiva scriptures.

  2. For every year of Sri Periyava Jayanthi celebrations organised by Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal at Ayothdya Mandapam, West mambalam, Chennai, Smt. ilampirai Manimaran discourse about Sri Periyava is a must one.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  3. I have heard her discourses telecasts in Vijay.TV. Fantastic. She is blessed by God.

  4. Smt. ilampirai Manimaran was a born christian from Tuticorin. She started her career as a lecturer in English in APC Mahalakshmi College, Tuticorin and rose to the position of its Prnicipal. She has excellent knowledge of our great spics Ramayana, Mahabharatha and bhagavatam. She is a great scholar in Saiva Sidhantam. She is very well known in the southern part of Tamilnadu. While she used to quote a lot from Tamil literature, of late she is quoting extensively from Sanskrit Literature also. She is being invited for discourses in all temples during festival days. She never observes differences between Saivamm and Vashnanavam. She deserves all respects and namaskarams from all the Hindu devotees. My humble namaskarams to her.

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