Oil painting by a blind devotee

Thanks to Sri Seenu mama for sharing.. picture says all…painted 40 years ago…I don’t have any details on the artist, circumstance etc. regardless he/she must be a truly blessed person..

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  1. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Truly blessed….

  2. Incredible.truly blessed by Mahaperiyava.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  3. Picture looks very realistic. the picture must have been drawn using his inner vision.

  4. Mahaperiyavaa has blessed him with the third eye
    Really wonderful

  5. The Blessings abundantly granted to the Vision less Shri Seenu, which has given the Mahesan Shri MahsPerivaa. ‘S wonderful insight Oil Painting.

  6. Jaya jaya Sankara

  7. மஹாபெரியவாளின் பூரண அனுக்ரஹம் பெற்ற அந்த புண்ணிய ஆத்மாவின் பாதகமலங்களில் என் தலை வைத்து கோடி நமஸ்காரங்கள் செய்கிறேன்.
    ஜய ஜய சங்கர! ஹர ஹர சங்கர!

  8. ஞானக் கண் ஒன்று இருந்தி்டும் போதினிலே…

  9. The comment made by Smt CP Vijayalakshmi is the most appropriate.


  10. very nicely done.

  11. Beautiful… truly blessed

  12. maha periyava saranam.. chandrasekarendra saraswathi gurubhyo namaha: sanyaasa aashrama shikaraaya namaha..

    dhinamum ummai thudhikum naal endru vandhidumo ayyane..

  13. Beautiful work ! Periyava Saranam..

  14. Exemplary. Truly blessed by Mahaperiyawa. Proves that Mahaperiyawa lives in the heart of every Bhaktha.

  15. Super amazing. Great and blessed soul who painted this.

  16. Truly blessed person. apart from the fact that it is thathroopam, due to my ignorance I cannot visualise how a blind person can draw? can someone explain .

  17. Not sure how a blind person can paint since it involves picking correct color laying it at right places.

    Did you mean that he later turned blind?

    Blindly accepting this only shows what we want from Periyava is series of supernatural miracles rather than natural insights he gave us

  18. Amazing and no words to express the diviness of this exxcellant art

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