Must-watch video of Dr Veezhinathan on Periyava

This video is very special to me. I had this as an audio along with few other audio on my phone for a very long time. Every time I want to listen to some music, this one plays invariably on all days. I still dont know the reason why this audio alone played every day!

If you listen to these upadesams that Periyava made several decades ago applies to all of us even today – particularly the advice to girls going out with dependable person and returning back home on a timely manner. If you look at what’s happening in India for women, this particular advice is beyond human comprehension on how Periyava though through women safety so many years ago and yet we see girls and women still spending late nights etc.

These incidents get more beauty as it is narrated by Sri Veezhi mama. The highest quality of looking at ourselves before we start to point fingers at someone is best described by mama here.

In fact I wanted to post this as a english New Year message to all. For some unknown reason, I lost this audio from my phone and just found this video in Facebook.

I am sure you all would have heard/seen this – still, here it goes!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Only Maha Periyava is the one who can give nice explanation without hurting anybody

  2. Adding to the above: One more incident:
    Once, an Andhra devotee was travelling in bus to Kanchipuram to have darshan of Sri Mahaperiyava. He asked the person who was sitting next to him: ‘Which stop I have to get down to go to Sri Matam’?

    That person said: “I don’t know’.

    This devotee somehow, got down somewhere and reached the Matam. There, to his shock, he saw the same person who traveled with him in the bus , standing near Mahaperiyava.

    Utterly disappointed, this Andhra devotee, when his turn came, told Sri Mahaperiyava about what happened . He said, ‘That person was also travelling with me in the bus. I asked him where to get down for going to the Matam. He said ‘I don’t know’. But now he is standing here and speaking to you. ” …

    For that, Sri Periyava told: ” In fact, that person has done a great service to you. If he had shown you the wrong direction or asked you to get down in the wrong bus stop, what would be your situation’?

    Both the devotees were ashamed on hearing this.

  3. One more incident comes to my mind. One Devotee, once was talking to Sri Periyava. That devotee was complaining about another devotee and said ‘he is like Kaarkotakan’, meaning, poisonous.

    Periyava replied to him: ‘Do you mean to say he is a very good and noble person?’ You compared to him to Karkotakan. Karkotakan is a Sarpa Raja (king of Snakes) and his name should be remembered everyday in the morning. His very name will dispel our sins.

    Periyava quoted:
    “Karkotakasya nagasya damayantya nalasya cha”
    “Rtuparnasya rajarse kirttanam Kali nasanam”

    The devotee got ashamed.

    Not finding fault in others is a GREAT DIVINE QUALITY.

    One more thing: If you find fault with someone, for which the other person was not really the cause, the actual sin of committing that act will befall on you – as per Kushmanda Mantras.

    Example: If you accuse a person that he had stolen something, which he actually did not, the sin of stealing will befall on you.

  4. Find fault in others is what we general human beings do. Maha Periva was Avataram, He only listens the contents only to rectify rather than fault finding. We must put into practice of His words. There may not be another Maha Periva like Avataram in our lifetime or for later generation.

    Periva Paadam Sharanam! Jaya Jaya Shankra….. Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. Madam Lakshmi is very correct. To call ourselves a devotee of Sri Periyava, at least one of his upadesam is to be followed.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  6. The truth in the speech is so touching It brought tears when I heard why mhaperiava just said 4 lines only… because no one listents to his true..!

    We call ourselves Rishiyur santhanam iyer parampara.. who spent his final days near mahperiavaa being good at tharka sasthram in sanskrit. But in my marriage in 1970, Rs. 5000/- was demanded as ddowry and a list for seer varisai ( forced gift) was taken from my father.. pure silk saree was worn by all women, coffee was the main course, no ekadasi fasting was observed…

    But we still claim..we are the great devotee of mahaperiyavaa and we have His anugraham through and through..

    daily puja, namaskaram, pradakshanam, abishekam , archanai… for what !! instead if his single word is followed.. the we can call ourselves devotee.. untill then we can remain silent and ashamed.

  7. Mahaperiyava Charanam. This has come at the right time for me. Just today morning, i was upset finding fault with someone and this was nagging me for a very long time. Although i knew what i am doing is wrong, i couldnt control myself from finding fault and showing displeasure. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara.

  8. Everyone has some shortcomings,these stand in their way to progress in spiritual field to attain the grace of the Almighty. Our prayer should include to get rid these shortcomings so that we can pray to God with no hangover.May Maha Periva And Lord PARAMESHWARA bles us all
    This video is must for every devotee of Maha Periva to watch Hara Hara Sankara

  9. Guruve saranam.

  10. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. Janakiraman nagapattinam

  11. Periyava’s divine qualities are highlighted in the Video: One of the divine qualities is “குறையுடையார் குற்றமோராய்” – as per this below song [Gnanasambandar Thevaram]. Only the Supreme Being can see with such equanimity, without considering the defects of the Devotees.

    மறையுடையாய் தோலுடையாய் வார்சடை மேல்வளரும்
    பிறையுடையாய் பிஞ்ஞகனே யென்றுனைப் பேசினல்லால்
    குறையுடையார் குற்றமோராய் கொள்கையினால் உயர்ந்த
    நிறையுடையார் இடர்களையாய் நெடுங்கள மேயவனே.

    நெடுங்கள மேயவனே – Oh Lord Siva, who is the Presiding Deity of Nedungalam; மறையுடையாய் – whose embodies the Vedas; தோலுடையாய் – who wears (the Tiger’s and Elephant’s) skin; வார்சடை மேல்வளரும் பிறையுடையாய் – one who has a crescent moon on his ever expanding matted hair; குறையுடையார் குற்றமோராய் – one who ever pardons the imperfections and shortcomings of His Devotees; உனைப் பேசினல்லால் கொள்கையினால் உயர்ந்த நிறையுடையார் – Of those devotees who have the high principle of praising and meditating on You only (and no other God); இடர்களையாய் – Remove the Obstacles and Hardships

    Meaning: Oh Lord Shiva, who has the Vedas as His embodiment, who wears the skin (of Tiger and Elephant), who sports a crescent moon on His matted lock, who never considers the imperfections and shortcoming of His devotees! Rid the obstacles and hardships of the devotees who live on a high Principle of praising and meditating on You only (and no other God):

    Purport: Shiva is the embodiment of the Vedas, which represent the True and Highest Knowlege and so venerated. He also wears Tiger’s and Elephants skin which is distasteful; He sports a crescent moon on his head, but the crescent Moon is a cursed Devata; so only the moon waxes and wanes. But Shiva treats treats everything with equanimity – the Vedas (Highest Form) and Tiger Skin, cursed moon (Distasteful and having defects). He easily pardons the mistakes of his Devotees, who are full of imperfections. Shiva removes the obstacles and hardships of his Devotees, who remain on the High principle of meditating on Him only.

  12. I like this video, not only Dr. Veezhi mama has displayed his extra-ordinary knowledge on literature’s like Ramayana, especially with Kalidasha’s work, on top to it, he has proved that he is great follower of Paramacharya by his simplest living and humbleness….
    Hara Hara Shankara, Jai Sai Ram
    Ravi Subramaniam, Toronto, Canada

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