Adishthanam Periyava by Umesh

Being artistic itself is a gift and being creative with that skill is something different. Umesh is one of those blessed persons. His choices of pictures are absolutely brilliant! Here is his latest on new year’s day. Couldn’t tell that this is a painting! Tatroopam!!!

Thanks Umesh for the great work.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

63 Mahaperiyava in Brindavan Santhanakappu with Padukai 31122016.jpeg

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8 replies

  1. wow , Super anna

  2. Outstanding painting

  3. I visited Adhishtanam and Orikkai on New Year’s Day yesterday and had the blessing of Periyava. Painting is Superb.

  4. We are blessed to see this and you are blessed to create this

    We are all blessed by Mahaperiyavaa to be able to share it through this blog

  5. Wowww is this painting! What a talent. Periyava pesarar! Periyava arul.

  6. On this New year I see periyava in Umesh Anna sketch…..thathroopam Anna.

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