Importance of Nithyakarma Anushtanams & Paropagaram


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We have seen a lot of chapters and quotes from Deivathin Kural regarding the importance of doing our Nithyakarma Anushtanams that includes doing our Trikaala Sandhyavandanam and Brahma Yagnam without fail every day. Periyava Golden Quotes 92 to 211 details those out. We also saw in detail the importance of doing Paropagaram (helping others including dhanam) in Periyava Golden Quotes 212-398.

One of our blog devotees shares us with the importance of doing Nithyakarma & Dhanam citing instances from our great Ithihaasas (Srimad Ramayanam and Sri Mahabharatham). Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to that devotee for sharing the article. Ram Ram

Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, Maha Periyava and Nithyakarma Anushtanam

Maha Periyava always stressed the importance of Nithyakarma. Without Nithyakarma other spiritual works won’t have the full phalan (result).

So, let us know the importance of our Sadhyavandanam and dhanam as stressed in both our epics.

Nowadays there are so many upanyasams about Bhagwan charitram and their leelas but those who do upanyasanams are not telling the audience about the importance of Nithyakarma. Let us realize the important highlight of these epics.

Seetha Kalyanam fulfills every wish to those who hear it, it is like Kamadhenu for us.

But it has stressed the importance of Sandhyavandanam also, before the marriage ceremony, it is mentioned that Rama did Sandhyavandanam.

Gayantam trayate ithi Gayathri, means those sing it (chant it with chandas) diligently are protected by Gayathri Devi.

After the ceremony was over, Parashurama came and challenged Raghava, Dasharatha gets scared that the annihilator of Kshatriyas  had obstructed their path.

Though Raghava was parabhramam, he didn’t know he was Vishnu. How could he stop the mighty Parashurama who was also an avatar of Vishnu ? There are many reasons that Raghava won but Sri Rama did nithyakarma regularly in Ramayana, it is mentioned in various instances by Valmiki.

Raghava must have done Gayatri Japa in Sandhyavandanam and thus he was able to break the Vishnu’s bow also. In Vishnu Purana also it is mentioned, where there is japa of Gayatri being done, there Vishnu will be present. Thus Vishnu himself made the bow to be broken as Rama did Sandhyvandanam.

Another reason is also for this from Mahabharata.

Once, Bhisma explains the importance of donating umbrella and Paduka (or footwear) to great Brahamanas and Rishis.

Here Parashurama’s father (Jamadagni Rishi) and mother (Renuka) were in a forest.

Jamadagni was engaged in target practice with his bow and arrows. When the arrows were exhausted, his wife would bring them back to him. On that particular day, the temperature became very hot.  While helping Jamadagni, his wife became exhausted and sat near a tree for shade. The temperature kept increasing, while she was a bit slower in bringing the arrows back, Jamadagni enquired why her face became withered. She complained that the ground was too hot and the weather was quite unpleasant. Jamadagni became angry with Surya Bhagwan and tried to convince Surya to reduce the heat, there was no response.

Then when he lifted his bow to target the Sun, Surya appeared in the guise of a Brahmana and tried to convince it wasn’t possible to bring down the heat of the Sun. Jamadagni was determined to shot the Sun down, the Brahmana stopped him by doing so saying Surya is the protector of Bhumi without it, agriculture and the whole ecosystem dependent on the Sun will perish. Then he gave both Jamadagni and Reunka a pair of Padukas and an umbrella for protection against the heat.

Jamadagni blessed Surya saying that he or his progeny won’t be able to harm Surya and his dynasty. Whoever donates an umbrella and a pair of Padukas to a noble Brahamana or Sanyasi or Rishi will overcome all the obstacles in his path with ease and Gods themselves will give shelter. Thus, Bhisma explained the significance of Dhanam.

It can be understand that when Jamadagni’s boon also made Parashurama to harm Raghava who was the king from Surya Vamsam.

Thus, we saw one of the most important aspect from Seetha Kalyanam. As stressed by Maha Periyava, Sandhyavandanam and Dhanam (according to one’s ability) must be done with full devotion.

We must learn Sanksrit and understand every aspect of  Sandhyavandanam.

Narayana Narayana

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