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Thanks to Sri Venkatesh for sharing this video. Thanks to Smt Nandini for capturing this treasure.

While many of us have lived in agraharams in our lives at some point of time, it is a must-watch short video for two reasons: (1) it talks about the concept behind the agraharams and the greatness of it (2) most importantly, how this is NOT a reflection of one caste rather it is created for the underlying higher purpose – Vedam! Thanks to the mama in the first video who very clearly explains these two for all of us to understand. Mahaperiyava had talked a lot about the agrahaarams and even at His time, He talked about the plight of them diminishing day by day. Also he talks about one mama who lived and died in that same place without leaving the city for one reason – the worry of missing any of his nityanushtanams!  That is vairagyam! Reminds me of Kuchela. Although insisted by Krishna to stay in the palace, he refused and wanted to go back home due to the fear of missing his anushtanams!

Science and technology as much good as they did in advancement in many areas, it did equal amount of damage to our lives also.

Looking at the second video, one could see the beauty and the meaning of each and every design of the agraharam. The way how our men and women used to do the work – there is no need to go to gym to flex your muscles – you have the daily chores to take care of them.

It is quite envious to see their lives that are filled with bagavad smaranam – great acharya devotees….After looking at these videos, we all feel too small in front of these people.

Our namaskaram to these simple people whose life is not complicated like ours!

It would be great if we all could find at least 1 week of stay in such an agraharam once a year. I am sure there are folks who could accommodate us (as long as we maintain the achara, anushtanams there).

Smt Nandini – pl do capture more of these and share.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!



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  1. Dear Krishnamurthi, I am the father of Sri Venkatesh who is the webmaster of Kamakoti.org. We are devotees of Sri Kamakoti Peetam. For the last one year or so His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal has been ordering a number of devotees to get info about agraharams and their importance. I was given the opportunity to prepare DVDs on two agraharams.

    Recently during my darshan of His Holiness at Tirupathi I gave a print of this page to His Holiness. He was very much appreciative of the effort.

    I have a few suggestions regarding the agraharam projects. I would like to discuss with you on phone or through wifi. My contact numbers are:
    +91 9444674446, +91 44 24670505

    Looking forward to making direct contact,


  2. Ram Ram,

    This video is too good and makes me feel nostalgic. However, there is one thing in this video that is not correct (second video). Chanting of Gayathri Maha Manthra few times in the background. As you are all aware, Mantras have many restrictions on who, when, and how to chant, etc. Gayathri Maha Mantra has even more. That is the reason it is called Brahma Upadesam and is done in Vathu’s (boy’s) ears by his father without anyone hearing it by having a cover over them. Nowadays it is being played left and right all over. Main reason for his being lack of awareness. If this background chanting (only that part) can be muted or changed this will be really great. I hope this comment is taken in the spirit it is intended to. Thanks. Ram Ram

  3. Excellent video. The amount of interaction the old ladies have in the village and the affinitity shown by them is something fantastic. Everyone should spend atleast a week’s time in the village agraharam to recharge themselves and to forget about mundane things in city life.

  4. Very nice video of agraharam. Never stayed there but heard from my mother.Any where can we stay if we want to for a day or two during temple visit? Would like to know.

  5. Excellent! Natural and enjoyable !

  6. Shankaraa …feeling blessed by just seeing the video and i wonder what an experience it will be to stay for a week stay once in a while and get the blessings of the vedic scholars there.Any suggestions or any opportunities for stay available anywhere in south india please post here with details Jaya jaya shankaraaa

  7. Brings me back memories of my birth place, Kallidaikkurichi. Amazingly peaceful. Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sri Mahesh Krishnamoorthy:

    There is a mistake in this line of your write-up: “…Also he talks about one mama who lived and died in that same place without leaving the city for one reason…”

    The correct one should read as follows: “…Also he talks about one mama who lived and died in that same place without leaving for the city for one reason…”

    My intention in correcting mistakes in print is to help others not get a wrong message or get confused. Having done that all my life, I am finding it difficult to remain purblind or shrug it off. That’s all.

    – Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

  9. Wonderful ! Feeling envious !

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