Invitation for 23rd aradhana from Sri Poornamahameru Trust, Pallavaram


This year Kanchi Shankaracharya Pujyashri Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi Maha Swamiji’s 23rd aradhana is on Dhanur maasa Krishna Paksha Dwadashi, December 25th (Sunday). It was our Periyava who was instrumental in conceptualizing our organization and provided his abundant grace. So with Sri Periyava’s blessing, the event will be observed with piety scale at our old age home.

25-Dec-16 Schedule

6:00 AM Surya Namaskara Mantra parayanam and Namaskaram
9:00 AM Avahanti Homam
11:00 AM Maha Purnahuti
11:30 AM Samaradhanai
12:00 PM Maha Annadanam

Devotees are requested to attend the event and get blessed. Those interested in making a contribution can use our payment gateway using the link below:

Please visit our website for more details.

Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust
1, Sankara Salai,
Subham Nagar,

With Regards,
Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust
Sri Kanakadhara Trust
1, Sankara Salai
Subham Nagar, Old Pallavaram
Chennai-600117, India

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