RIP – is it the right way for Hindus to say this?


Is it proper for us to say something like “RIP (May the soul rest in peace)” ? What should be the traditional Hindu response to news of death? Sri Sarmaji explains::

When death occurs, friends and family alike express their feelings and send condolence messages with the words R.I.P. (Rest in peace), “may the person’s soul rest in peace” and words to this effect. In Tamil we usually say “ஆன்மா சாந்தி அடையட்டும்”. I would like to say that this perspective of the soul is a western concept. In our tradition we look at the soul in a different way, and to this extent our response should be different. We may instead say “may the soul reach its sublime destination”. நற்கதி அடையட்டும்.

After death a person’s soul – Jiva- seeks to reach paraloka, the ultimate destination. Jiva cannot be destroyed though the sarira (the body) can be.Our Vedas tell us that in the after-life a person achieves ‘saalokhya’ when he gets into devaloka; ‘sarshtita’ when he can get the wealth of devas; and ‘saayujya’ when he becomes a deva himself. I would therefore submit that we should convey through our condolence message the meaning that the departed soul will continue to travel in quest of the Pitruloka, and we should seek God’s blessings to the soul to have a smooth passage. So we can say “may God confer on the soul a happy transition to its sublime destination”. This will be more aligned to our way of thinking. The small but significant difference is in the suggestion of movement of the soul and not its ‘resting’. There can be alterations in this for specific sampradaya’s: Vaishnava-s can say “Acharyan thiruvadi prapti” or “Vaikunta prapti” while Smartha-s can say “Sivaloka prapti”. I hope I do not appear to be hair-splitting or being hung on semantics. The idea to be conveyed varies, and hence my proposal.


My take is that once Periyava said (in Dheivathin Kural) that we do not know whether that attained moksha or not and let us do whatever pitru karyams properly etc. Although the context is different, the message is that “we do not know what happened to that soul – even if we all know that it is a great soul”. I guess it is safer to say “Let Parameswara bless the departed soul”.

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  1. whatever style we follow in life in certain things we have to follow what our shastras say,go according to our culture .that is correct.

  2. Yes. I agree with u.

  3. Yes it’s true that people are, especially the young generation is very much influenced with Western hence is the saying ‘RIP’ learned from them. It is really pitty. As said above by Sri Sarma, we do not know where the soul ends up after leaving the body. It all depends on what one accumulated ‘Punya or Paapa’ in one’s life. The best to say, as said above, is “Let Parameswara bless the departed soul”.


  4. A very nice way of expressing one’s sorrow at the demise of an individual. Yes, this is in conformity with our Vedic thoughts. Thanks a lot to Sri Sarma Sastrigal and the Blog.

  5. RIP – Reincarnate in peace

    • Terrific! Reincarnate in Peace! Beautiful.

      Normally I used to wish/pray “May the soul attain better worlds”.

      Sri Mahesh’s suggestion is also lovely. It conveys our Good Wishes in a wonderful manner.

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