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(What an amazing photo!! Look at Periyava sitting in some asana posture!)

While playing around some of the widgets, I found that Google’s translation widget is available. I have just placed it in the sidebar – pl scroll down to see it…This tool translates the site and any post to a language that you choose. Since our blog has the mix of Tamil & English, I tried to choose English and see how it looks – it does some translation – not very good. I tried an individual post also. I also tried Telugu etc – it does convert them..Can’t comment on the quality. Besides, the quotes from Periyava’s speech / dheivathin rural etc are hard for any tool to do auto-translation…..I am sure that pure Tamil articles might be a good candidate for these kinds of tools as opposed to colloquial Tamil.

Clearly, this widget can’t replace our translation effort but it is a good attempt by Google.

Play with it and comment!

Here is the trick to use this:

For choosing language anything other than English is easy. I think it is a product bug – if you want to choose English, you need to choose some other language and then choose English 🙂 I always admire these software developers/designers

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  1. sri periyava saranam

  2. Dear sir

    we want tamil language ; if it is english i want Auto languaage in tamil
    how is it possible ? pl

  3. I have read some where that the Silver Tongued English Orator Rt. Hon’ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastriar when asked “How you are able to do this?”, he replied, ” first my thought on the subject will emanate in Tamil, my mother tongue, and then flow of thoughts to other language, is by effort.” His famous lectures on “Valmiki Ramyana” in English is a treasure, i.e he knew besides Tamil, Sanskrit and a few more Indian Languages. I leave it here.

  4. My goodness! What a superb technology!!

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