You have Ambal’s anugraham, an alliance will happen within a month!



When it comes to timing, none can beat Sri Suresh Panchanathan. He knows relevance of almost each day to someone who is a devotee of Periyava – be it Kamarajar, AVM Saravanan, LAlgudi Vaidhyanathan, Ilayaraja – the list goes on…He posts articles relevant to them and Periyava on those days and the fact is he posts almost daily!!! It also shows how much he remembers all these at his finger tips! Unbelievable but true! Today he posted this in his blog ( Sharing it here! Thanks mami and Suresh!

My daughter’s marriage was getting unduly delayed. Suitable proposals were not materializing for one reason or the other and it was getting quite worrisome for me. I was praying to Periyava that He should show the way. My husband and I decided to have His darshan and went to Kanchipuram on Oct 31st, 1985.

It being a Sani Pradosham day there was a big crowd at the Matam waiting to have His Darshan. Smt Padma Subramanyam and Smt Shyamala Balakrishnan were singing in His presence. When my turn came before Him, He asked me, “What do you need?”

I replied, “I need Your Blessings so that my daughter’s marriage can happen at the earliest. If You can please touch her horoscope with both Your Hands and put some kungumam on it…!”

I placed the horoscope on the top of a fruit basket and kept it near Him. He does not touch the horoscope physically, but blesses it from a small distance, and says:

“You have Ambal’s anugraham. An alliance will happen within a month!”

I took the prasadams and rest under the tree which was there in the place where His Adhistanam is now and start to recite Sivananda Lahari. I am sitting approximately 30 feet away from Him. Others are having His darshan and the big line of people is moving along slowly.

I must have completed chanting some 30 verses with my eyes closed, when my prayers are interrupted by a Sastrigal who comes to me and says, “Periyava wants to see you!”

I tell him, “I just received His prasadams!”

The Sastrigal says, “Periyava asked me to bring the lady who is reciting Sivananda Lahari!”

Needless to say, I am shocked at this and rush to Him. Swamigal asks me again:

“Who are you? where are you coming from? where is your husband?”

I tell him I am from Besant Nagar and I was immediately on the frantic lookout for my husband. I find him and we both come to His vicinity and do a namaskaram. He blesses us and tells me, “Ambal’s anugraham will always be there for you! Her blessings will take care of you!”

And we take the prasdams and leave.

As the days passed my son told me, “What Amma, He said something will fructify within a month, but nothing seems to be happening!” I tell him confidently, “Periyava will take care!”

We had His darshan in the month of Aipasi and the next Tamil month Karthigai was due to start from Dec 16th.

Should I mention at all that my daughter’s marriage was fixed on Dec 14th, 1985!!! *****

Narrated by the blessed Saraswathi Thyagarajan Mami.

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  1. Oct 31st, 1985 was a THURSDAY. It was not a Sani Pradosham, but a Guru Pradhoshm!


  2. A blessing indeed as I am in a similar situation for my son. And through my relatives help I have prayed for Maha Periaya’s anugraham.
    A minor typographical error: It is the tamil month Margazhi that starts on Dec 16th in which we avoid making any steps towards seeking alliance etc.

  3. I recently met Sri Saraswathy mami at her place. She is indeed a great person. She knows many great devotees of Sri Maha Periyava. She gave me sambar sadham which was the prasadham for her home deities. It was really very tasty as it’s not only a prasadam but also her love was mingled in it. Due to time constraint I couldn’t spend more time with her. While I was with her she talked about Mr. panchanathan Suresh n Thiru Saanuputhiran.
    My namaskarams to her.

  4. Hara Hara Shankara. Shiva Shiva Shankara. Kanchi Shankara!


    Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan is one of my elder sisters.. She has narrated to me the great boon she received from Lord Sri Mahaperiyava. There are quite a few incidents of miracles in her life with the blessings of the great Lord Sri Mahaperiyava. She is blessed indeed.

    The photo of Puja Mantap is that of mine, where by and large the Great Prabho is decorating. Though less deserving, I am also blessed by that Lord of Lords.

  6. Blessing Indeed! Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara.

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