Experience of Ramalayam Sri Ramarao with Mahaperiyava

Thanks to this anonymous devotee who captured this interview almost 7 years back and for some reason did not share at all. Two days back, he sent a note to me to share this with all of us….Thank you sir!

Sri Ramarao a great noble soul who constructed the Sri Rama temple in Hyderabad (http://www.sriramalayamkondapur.in/) , speaks about the temple and the love for Sri Kanchi Paramacharya. Kanchi Paramacharya blessed and the guided the temple construction and mentioned that devotees who cannot go to Bhadrachala, will come here for Rama Darshan.

Sri Ramarao attained God’s feet on Ekadasi day (Dec 6 2011), but his efforts to complete the Siva Temple next to the Rama temple lives.

Our namaskaram to Sri Ramaraoji for his unshaken bakthi to Kanchi Acharyas!


Categories: Devotee Experiences

3 replies

  1. Hi,

    The temple which is mentioned on the post is in hyderabad in kondapaur, where you can have darshan of sree rama which is simarlar to moolavar in badhrachalam. and also newly constructed shiva/kamakshi temple in the same temple compond which is installed by HH jayendra saraswati swamigal.

  2. Great Interview. Can I get the contact number of Rama Rao Garu.

  3. Great souls get closer to divine things!

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