Sri Pradosham Mama’s Bakthi by Smt Vidya Srinivasan

Pradosham Mama

Smt Vidya Srinivasan was asked to talk about Mahaperiyava Himself to talk about 64th nayanmar. This happened when she just finished talking about 63 nayanmars and wondering what to do next. While doing Pradosham puja Periyava asked her to talk about mama….With that spark, she spent the next 2-3 weeks to fully prepare for this visesha upanyasam and did a live streaming on Saturday evening with 50+ devotees in Cupertino.

It was very kind of Sri Srinivasan to setup live streaming for other devotees across US to remotely attend this.


Thank you Vidya & Srinivasan

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

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  1. || Sivaya Nama: Om ||

  2. Dear Smt Vidya and Sri Srinivasan,
    Pradosha Periyava Charanam
    Completely enjoyed and immersed in your talk about Pradosha Shiva Nayanmar..
    (Pradosham Mama)
    You have brought the remembrance of those days with Pradosha Shiva Nayaranmar
    and complete devotion with Sri Sri Maha Periyava Bhakthi..
    Periyava Charanam
    Ganesh Kumar

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