Periyava Quiz-Bare Minimum Atonement for abandoning Vedas?


Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Kudos to Shri. Varadarajan, Shri. Sundar, Smt. Bhala Sundaresan for getting the last quiz answer correctly. Though our dharma is unique in many aspects the question is from a sociological perspective :-). Here is the correct answer.

According to Periyava, from a sociological perspective, what is the unique aspect of our religion that is absent in other religions?

Ans: 6. Varna Dharma. Click HERE for details.

Here is the next one.

According to Periyava, what is the bare minimum atonement that Brahmins should do for abandoning Vedas?

1. No atonement needed as it is Yuga Dharma and we cannot do much about it.
2. Every family should perform Athi Rudra Maha Yajnam thrice at Vedapureeswarar temple as an atonement.
3. Start doing Nithyakarma Anushtanams – Trikaala Sandhyvandam and Brahma Yagna. This itself is an atonement for
many paapas.
4. Do Aacharya darisanam every Pournami (full moon day) for five successive weeks to clear this dosha and then start
studying Vedas on an auspicious day.
5. Perform upanayam for our children at seven years; teach them Vedas every day for 1 hour for the next ten years.
6. Do Gho Puja every Dwadasi  for an year as that is a great atonement for any doshams committed.
7. Do Bhagawatha Sapthaga Parayanam seven times in a span of 3 years so this dosham is cleared.
8. Whatever money one makes instead of studying Vedas should be donated to Vedic children for their study and welfare.
9. All of the above.
10. None of the above.

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  1. Sri Aiyerr, Very well said. Great decision to donate Rs 10L for Veda Rakshanam. I am sure with Periyavas anugraham you will live long to see the 2 Ganapadigals you are sponsoring.

  2. As Sri Balaji690 says, it is possible I am doing it for name and not for self-correction. My Prayers to Sri Mahaaperiyavaa to help me get over this hidden-ego in my action(s). [Strictly speaking, even finding fault* with the attitudinal drawbacks in others is also a disqualification. We are supposed to simply gloss over this in others with prayers that we are not afflicted by the same disease].

    As Sri Sundar and a few others say, it is support to Veda Rakshanam which is the praayaschittam for not studying Vedas for which we were born in a Brahmin family. [If I remember right it is there in Deivaththin Kural in the chapter devoted to Veda-Rakshanam. To quote chapter & verse is a bit difficult as one has to go thro’ all the seven volumes]. If it is not there under the chapter Veda-Rakshanam, it is still there somewhere in it.


    Generally we have an amount in reserve to meet that unexpected medical contingency when we plan to give all that money to that doctor, his hospital, and all those medicines most of which are not used on the patient but is simply recycled between the patient’s room and the pharmacist in the Hospital. Most of the time we spend our days and nights in a kind of solitary confinement cut away from our near and dear ones there and perhaps die too without none around to serve our last of earthly requirements of a gulp of water, Sri Rama naamam etc. In the process we inconvenience so many others in claiming our body [which may have been robbed of its parts like kidneys, liver etc. as we read in newspapers]. During the duration of the time we are in an Hospital we are also cut away from our nitya karma anushtanam(s), tarpanam(s), sraadham etc.

    I told the Almighty [Sri Mahaaperiyavaa] I will never like to breathe my last in a Hospital in those conditions. Whatever my ailment I would like to suffer it as my Karma at home in familiar atmosphere, surrounded by at least my wife — if my children, and siblings are there too, that’d be a bonus. I would like to “leave” with dignity. I told Him I have a Million rupees saved from my career as a Stenographer for which I don’t have any expenditure earmarked. I would like to use it as my Praayaschittam for not studying Vedas in this noble birth of a Brahmin.

    Determined, I met the the noble soul who runs many Veda Patasalas, along with my wife and my mother and gave him a cheque for Rs.10 lakhs. I told him it is my Praayaschittam for not studying the Vedas in this birth and that the amount should help produce at least 2 Ganapadigals. I said if I am still alive I will meet him after about 12 years [the time it takes for one to qualify as a Ganapadigal] and would then love to meet the two GPs. I was 60 when I did that. I am 61.5 now. I hope and Pray that I am around till I am 75 at least by which time I would have earned One Crore Gayatri to my credit as well.

    I returned home happy and contented to have done this praayaschittam and with Prayers to the Veda Mata to give me one more chance of being born in a noble Brahmin family to a Vedic Brahmana and inherit knowledge of Veda without the desire for secular education and secular way of life [which is a huge hindrance in Vedic pursuit].

    My earnest prayers my dear Brahmin brothers give away whatever little or more you may have saved. Give it away — for the study of Vedas. Don’t spend it on maintaining this body which would anyhow perish. The evil karma of a disease which is short-circuited thro’ medical treatment will follow us in our next birth. Therefore, suffer it here and now than carrying the baggage to the next junction in the journey of our soul.

    *I am not disclosing as to whom I donated this amount as that would rob me of the merit in that action.

  3. 3. start doing nithyakarma anushtanams.

  4. Point 5, Periyava has mentioned this, every Brahmin must learn Vedas. point 3 needs no saying from Periyava, it is “Nithyakarma”. Worst case scenario, learn the meaning of Sandhyavandana mantras and learn Sanskrit to understand Chandas+other aspects otherwise several mistakes will occur in Sandhyavandam itself.
    Point 5 from Deivathin Kural,I heard this in one upanyasam, only a Brahmin can do justice to Vyasa Peetam (exceptions were there but only a few like Bhisma) usually in epics and puranas, only Rishis guided people with the right advice. Bhisma tells Yuddhisthra to worship God, GhoMatha and Brahmins. Brahmins need not be like Rishis, bare minimum, he must possess some knowledge about Jyothisa or purana or Epics to help others. People these days don’t know to read Panchangams, it is very important. Maha Periyava asks someone to read out Panchangam everyday in the Matam. Adi Shankaracharya said knowing the meaning and doing a task is “Tharam” but Periyava said a task without knowing it is “Tharam” (maybe Maha Swami must have told this before 1950). Now, we have all the resources to know the meaning of every ritual we do, especially Sandhyavandanam if one wants to avoid any mistakes. Vedas comes thro’ SrutiSmriti, if it is in writing, problems will pop up.

    • Even now, I am keeping my hands off the subject of Vedas! Other than the Vedas, (requiring some 12 to 18 years of daily grind, learning and using various methods of Adhyayanam,) let them learn all other religious subjects such as, Purãnãs, Itihãsãs, chanting of Mantras and Japa, Slokas and Stotras; and various other Kãvya-s! ,—–deivathin kural vol 7.14 .so u r correct I guess.
      Brahman must know puranam, itihasam,etc. 10 none of the above may be correct!

  5. 3. Start doing nitya karmanuashtanam….

  6. As per HH Mahaperiyava, donating for vedic
    cause by sponsoring education of Vidyarthis thro Veda rakashanan nidhi trust was the only atonement as per Deivathin Kural which option is not given

    • I have also answered correctly. Somehow my name is missing from those who have passed.

      • Seems you are attempting more for name rather than self correction…….

      • //I have also answered correctly. Somehow my name is missing from those who have passed.//

        Dear Sir,

        The answer for this quiz is still not revealed and I do not see you answer for the previous quiz which is why your name is missing in this post 🙂 Ram Ram

    • // Veda rakashanan nidhi trust was the only atonement as per Deivathin Kural which option is not given//

      Shri Sundar – Can you please provide me the Deivathin Kural link to what you have mentioned above. Thanks. Ram Ram

      • Mr sai srinivasan in pg 94 of vol 7 this is meant.u may refer this link too.

        134. At least our ladies should read, study, discuss and resurrect those literary master pieces from oblivion, enhance their own knowledge and thereby protect them from extinction! They should share the knowledge so obtained with their husbands and children so that there is a revival of interest on such subjects. Men who are otherwise not reading any of these things and not believing that we could be bestowed with so much of sense, will at least believe what she tells must be true, since it is coming from their wives mouth! This would only happen if the ladies become very knowledgeable and authoritative in their expertise. So they have to become so conversant that they will truly come to be called ‘Punditai’ as our ÃchãryãL said! Till their ‘Pãndityam’ was thought to be in knowledge of the Vedas, there was some reluctance, as to how to call the women by that epithet, as the women are not entitled to study the Vedas! Even now, I am keeping my hands off the subject of Vedas! Other than the Vedas, (requiring some 12 to 18 years of daily grind, learning and using various methods of Adhyayanam,) let them learn all other religious subjects such as, Purãnãs, Itihãsãs, chanting of Mantras and Japa, Slokas and Stotras; and various other Kãvya-s! I hope and pray that this suggestion of mine may not be considered as a sin or anathema but will have the approval of our ÃchãryãL!

        135. This Matam which runs in the name of our ÃchãryãL will be ready to extend all possible help to the society to enable women to learn and attain the expertise, by way of providing teaching staff, facilities for learning in their own respective areas and make available incentives, with our ÃchãryãL’s blessings! In summing up I have to say that instead of going to the office, to take care of the home affairs is the rightful duty of women which is also the ‘Sthree-Dharma’ as per Sruti, Smruti and Purãnãs, as family is the basic unit on which the whole edifice of the society depends for all value systems and socially acceptable attitude and behaviour. That will recover our cultural heritage to some extent which has been permitted to go by default by the men of this country especially in the Brahmin community!

        Can u clarify why men of Brahmins are slandered in the last line(if Veda are to be read for sure then why he says he keeps even now off Veda in 134 also if men are to surely read Veda what is the sin in education of woman or what is the abrupt need to make them convey Purana and itihasam to their children when children are learning Veda?)

        Actually only -Maha periyava has taken this much interest in making women pundityai.till before him none has shown this interest as men used to learn Veda. I feel periyava wants to cope up Veda by puranams,etc as men have begun to shed Veda.


      • Sir,

        One thing. The first comment you posted had no reference at all, just had a couple of lines so it was tough to see where it came from unless you quote the source. The second comment had references and source which is good. Here is my response:

        Let me clarify once again. The question is “What is the Minimum atonement for Brahmins abandoning Vedas’. The answer is very clear in the link I provided before. In the fact the chapter name itself is ‘Adhamapakcha Parigaaram’ (Bare minimum atonement). What you have mentioned is totally different. It is about Sthrees (Women) learning Itihasas/Puranas and imparting the knowledge to their husband. No where in the article you have sent this is mentioned as an atonement for abandoning vedas. While it is good for all of us to know our dharma, ithisa/purana it does not relate to the question asked. Hope this clarifies. Ram Ram

      • Fine


  7. Money should be donated LIBERALLY for study of Vedas by Vedic children for their welfare, and towards maintenance of Veda Patasalas, which naturally includes the teachers there. .

  8. 3 Nita karma anushtanam and Brahma yagnyam 🙏 Is step 1 prerequisite.
    All others next 👏

  9. 3. Start doing Nithyakarma Anushtanams – Trikaala Sandhyvandam and Brahma Yagna. This itself is an atonement for

  10. Think it is 5..

  11. Point No. 3, I believe.

  12. Baja Govindam

  13. Start doing Nithyakarma anushtanams.

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