Sri Triplicane Periyava on 24 gurus

Vinayaka & Maha Periyava

Sri Ganapathy  Subramanian gives a beautiful 20 Mts audio on how HH Triplicane Periyava had talked about an important topic of Swami Dattatreyar’s 24 gurus – and how one should learn from all these gurus.  It seems that Mahaperiyava had asked all sanyasis to listen to HH Triplicane Periyava’s upanyasam on this particular skandham. It seems that HH Triplicane Periyava very beautifully explains this famous “24 gurus”.  For a busy life we have, it is perfectly packaged to give the excerpts of what these mahans had said.

Thank you Ganapathy. Pl keep sharing treasures like this….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

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  1. What a great explanation with amazingly simple and practical examples by Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal! Even though Sri MahaperiyavA has asked all the Sanyaasis to listen to this Bhagavatha Skandham, I believe everyone listening to this audio will appreciate the fact that each one of the 24 Gurus apply to everyone of us. Sri Swamigal explains every Guru as told by Guru Dhaathreyar so clearly and it hits most of us hard. Thank you Sri Ganapathy Ji for rendering the same for all of us and giving us a wonderful opportunity to learn such a treasure.

    தென்னாடுடைய பெரியவா போற்றி
    எந்நாட்டவர்க்கும் இறைவா போற்றி 🙏

    Sri SAR Padma Paadham Saranam 🙏

    Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal Charanam Saranam 🙏

  2. Om Sri Dattareyaaya Namaha! MahaankaLukku Namaskaaram! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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