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  1. I adore this artistic work… thank you very much for sharing..

  2. Even Muruga wears “mayil iragu”. Yellow cloth and tiruman makes me think this is Krishna. Is that Muruga or Krishna ?

  3. by chance, is it related to th4e story, Ganesa was upset with Devas rejoicing with AMRUT obtained after the Amrut Mantan. They forgot to offer to Shiva also Shiva also, who took poison to save them, prior to the rising of Amrut.. They forgot to thank Ganesa
    and offer the Amrut . Ganesha was angry with this, took the Amrut Kalash and hid it in Tirukadayur… (This is the story of Amruta Kateswar and Ganesa related to the story..). But unabvle to get the link between Vittala, Ganesha and Shiva…Vedanarayanan. Thnking.

  4. Good question.. GWE never thought of it… “mastaka Linga… Swaroopa Linga….
    Perhaps Vittala exponents…
    Hari Krishna Deekshidar’s, Vijay Balaji, Sendhilnatha ganapatigal,…. Can enlighten

  5. Superb Drawing.
    Can someone explain the significance of this painting ?
    I know that the JATA of Vittala is considered to e Shivalinga itself.
    But why is Vittala running with the Shivalinga and why is Vinayaga running behind ?

  6. Vittala Vittala Panduranga!!! Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!!

  7. Beautifull painting

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