Maha Periyava subdues the veena player’s ego

Periyava Veena

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Stay humble, the often repeated mantra by our Periyava comes to the fore through another incident again. Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Narayanan for the share. Ram Ram

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Maha Periyava subdues the veena player’s ego

Sri Maha Periyava was camping in Satara in Maharashtra. There were multitudes of people waiting to have a darshan of the Mahan. There was a devotee of Maha Periyava, who was proficient in playing the veena. On hearing about Maha Periyava visit to Satara, he too came to visit the Mahaswami. He had a desire to play the veena in front of Maha Periyava.

After some time, the veena player managed to have the darshan of Maha Periyava. Upon having darshan, he requested Maha Periyava if he could play a small piece on his veena. Maha Periyava gave him permission and he started to play the veena. It is a well-known fact that Maha Periyava was adept in all arts and fine-arts. The veena player’s performance was great and everyone in the crowd liked it very much. There was a brief silence following this and then Maha Periyava picked up the veena and played a small piece. Sri Maha Periyava’s performance was even better than the veena player. After Maha Periyava completed the performance, the veena player’s eyes were flooded with tears. He immediately prostrated onto the holy feet of Sri Maha Periyava and kept on prostrating to Him again and again. Maha Periyava looked at him but He did not utter a word. After a while, Maha Periyava went inside.

Everyone was witnessing the whole scene but no one knew what was happening. When the veena player stepped out, some of the devotees of Maha Periyava asked him what had happened. The veena player told them that he had committed a grave sin and that Maha Periyava had subdued his ego. When queried by the devotees to elaborate on what had happened, he told them that he had played a very rare set of notes on his veena, and while playing, he had forgotten some of the notes in the middle of the performance. He added that he had looked around at the spectators and decided that no one would really know the notes and had managed to play some other notes instead. Upon completion, Maha Periyava picked the veena and played the same notes that he had earlier fumbled upon. He said that Maha Periyava had played a very rare piece on his veena; the same notes which were played by Ravana to propitiate Lord Shiva in Kailasha. The veena player also admitted having an inflated ego and said that it was only propitiate who had subdued his ego.

The message from this incident is that even if one is blessed with extraordinary talents, one should always be humble.

Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya Fb
Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. Thanks for expressing what i hesitated to put in!!!

  2. I feel ONLY if a person is nearing 60 years age minimum of even more , like me(at the time of his mukti he must be 40s) ONLY can grasp, note, understand those deep, extroridnary spiritual discussions, matters, etc
    and reveal. Publications were very very limited even in 1994. Now, after his mukthi 22 years have gone.
    I am also wondering , when some peoples are narrating some incidents in Trichy/Kumbakonam/Teynambakkam about what would be the age of the person at that time like that.
    When he lastly visited Kumbakonam, Trichy or Andhra, Satara, etc. Some are only Satyam , some are
    asathyam definitely.

  3. Please understand that what I commented was directly referred to “many visitors of this blog”.

    I have and never had any doubts about the intentions or the sincerity of the blogger himself. i hold this blog in high esteem. That is why I dared to comment, without ignoring what appears to be a highjack of the blog, as i normally do with many other blogs.

    I am also disturbed by obvious attempts by some articles equating or comparing the existing Kanchi Periyavas, with Maha Peiyava… I am sure, even the Nadu & Bala Periyavas will object to this…

    Hope you view and acknowledge, if not agree with, my concerns.

    To stress again, the comment referred by you was not against the blog or the blogger.

    As a touch-stone, I normally agree with anything that was written when Periyava was alive, as a true incident, and after his samadhi, the incidents narrated by balu mama, Ra. Ganapathi and Bharanidharan, as unquestionably true…Others…., I take with a pinch of salt…. and when it really hurts… I put in a comment



  4. Let me chime in here….First and foremost, this blog does not need to fabricate any fake incidents. We have never done that and will never do. Second, so far in my life, I have suspected at least 20-25 incidents as complete fake about 5 years back. Later on (Periyava’s kripai) that I saw HH Balu Swamigal narrated at least 10 incidents from that list. Later Sri Kanjira Ganesh came to my place in Chicago and he confirmed an incident that I originally thought was fabricated. There are so many incidents that are narrated by devotees in the video interview. Only few of them have appeared in the books that are available. It is too premature to immediately criticize the rest as fake – the point is we simply don’t know. Just because, you don’t see Sun at night, that doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Bottomline our knowledge is NOT the scale to measure anything. Also who are we to boost the image for Periyava? Almost all readers know that we are not in this business. So stop your baseless arguments.

    This blog does not thrive in web traffic. Even if the web traffic increases by 50% we get nothing – we are not into any commercial operation here. This is a satsang. We have been maintaining the sanctity of this place very carefully – we will continue to do so. As much as possible, we will provide the source. If there is no source, neither Sai nor I don’t sit and fabricate them – trust us! As much as possible, we share the source from where it came. We are not into doing any research on these experiences/incidents where I can provide cross-references etc.

    Having said that, mistakes do happen. Many know that I have never hesitated to raise my hands and apologize instantaneously if I have done anything wrong. Here I do not see any intentional or unintentional mistake. So, no apologies to anyone.

    Bharath – if you do not like this blog – just leave. Also if you want to take this “matter” to HH Pudhu and Bala Periyavas, please do. Don’t think you can intimidate me with the name drops – those techniques would work in the corporate world but not with me.. I am more than happy to talk to both the Periyavas too.

    KSL – Narasimhan – this blog is all about following His teachings and practicing. Why do you think that I post million articles about sandhyavandhanamas and Gayathri japams? Why do you think we have a WhatsApp group to do 1008 Gayathri on each Sunday? why do you think that I post constantly about shiva puja and karmanushtanams? I don’t know how long you’ve been in this blog…This place is all about doing – not just reading some sensational news item and walk away. Do your homework properly before you accuse someone on something.

    Here is the link to the original incident I posted 4 years back in the same blog. This has the proof that this incident was witnessed by a devotee from Tiruvannamalai. Hope this settles this issue.



  5. I do agree that this post is about a fake incident. Even first person accounts can be suspect as they may add their own interpretations of an incident or event. That this gentleman knew the “notes” played by Ravana to propitiate Lord Shiva is laughable as these are only hearsay.
    One of the earlier post had said something about a “vaideeka” saying a nama of Saraswathi wrongly and making Periyava hold up archana. That too I think is a false incident.
    Such posts are NOT to be posted in the first place. Reverence should be shown by the truth of our actions.

    • I agree with all your sentiments. In fact, I have given up on pointing these out to the moderators because the day after you point these out, the pace of posting these incidents will increase a lot! While they are indeed well intentioned and post a lot of wonderful stuff, for me it seems they just don’t care about the truth!

      The complication (in their defense) is that some of these seemingly far fetched stories can be corroborated by the interviews of devotees. You mention the Saraswathi Nama – Brahma Jayayai namah versus Brahma Jaayaayai Namah. This has been corroborated by Sri Meycheri Pattu Sastrigal in his video interview when he describes how involved Mahaperiyaaa is in his pooja and His graceful method of offering flowers to the deity.

      The moderators are perhaps just too “rushed” (right word?) or “don’t care” in producing cross references for these incidents. May be they want to drive traffic at all costs to this site? Who knows? But you have to assume the good in all people and give them the benefit of doubt about their intentions and therefore I hesitate to push this point strongly. We simply don’t know.

      There was a made up story about my distant relative Sri S V Narasimhan and Veda Bhavanam last month posted by Shri Sai Srinivasan. Never in the last 50 years in our relative circles have we heard this version! But I have stopped communicating with him as he does not acknowledge the valid concerns or try to do something about it based on my previous attempts in this forum.

      Going forward, I see 2 options for us devotees (Both in our control):

      1) Consume only the material on Mahaperiyavaa’s upadesam, Deivathin Kural, Devotee experiences (Video/Audio Interviews) and not pay too much attention to these poorly sourced Sithu Vilaittu Stories.
      If our Bhakti to Him needs fortification by a steady dose these “miracles”, may be we have not evolved much!

      2) When we meet Nadu Periyavaa and Bala Periyava next for their blessings, we can bring these to their attention. They can decide what do with these stories. After all, I am too little to feel grandiosely self important to uphold the truth or otherwise in these stories for the world.

      • //There was a made up story about my distant relative Sri S V Narasimhan and Veda Bhavanam last month posted by Shri Sai Srinivasan. Never in the last 50 years in our relative circles have we heard this version! But I have stopped communicating with him as he does not acknowledge the valid concerns or try to do something about it based on my previous attempts in this forum.//

        I’m not sure which incident you are referring to and me failing to acknowledge your valid concerns in many attempts. Can you send me the link and your comments? Ram Ram

  6. just writing something like a film plot out of thin air!
    Sri Mahaperiyavaa was an Avatara Purusha and such stories are not portraying the proper significance of HIS Avatar

    • I like your comment…
      unfortunately, many visitors to this blog appear to seek an easy fix to their piety and devotion at five minutes reading a day…they want a miracle to be blogged daily to “improve” the image of Mahaperiyava….
      It is nothing but sacrilege,
      very unfortunate….

    • Well, no idea about the authenticity of the incidents that were described here. Some of them were given here with proper date and & time for concreteness of the incidents and a few were not, the matter of fact. I don’t say it as sacrilege but there could be a chance of happening such incidents without recalling the specific time & date by the author. If the author who writes without specs, may please reconsider not using this platform for hyping the image of Sri Maha Periva which as such HE doesn’t need it. Although the intention of the author is sacred and pure but some time it takes to other way around. Maha Periva Paadam Sharanam!

      Jaya Jaya Shankara….. Hara Hara Shankara…..

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