Maha Kshethram’s Kumbabishekam Invitation!

Periyava Karyam


Ram Ram Dear Periyava Bhaktha’s,

On behalf of Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami, Thiruppani Thilagam, Adiyen invites and request you all to participate in couple of important Maha Kshethra Kumbabishekam’s coming up early next month, Dec 5 and Dec 9. A brief description of these temples have been listed below. Sri Maha Periyava has placed his divine feet on both these temples. It will be of great Punniyam for an individual and their generations if one can participate in whatever way they can or by sponsoring for Annadhanam on Kumbabishekam day. If one visits Punniyakoteeswarar once they get the benefit of worshiping one crore times. If they contribute Rs.1 it is equivalent to Rs. 1 crore. This has been specified in the temple inscriptions itself. Similarly, if Swamimalai Murugan is your family deity one should visit Swamimalai Vinayagar before visiting Lord Swaminatha. This temple is situated in the path where Lord Siva walked.

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2 replies

  1. Dear sir,

    pls send the full details of the temples(maha shetram)

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