Unna Patha yenakku kashtama irukku!

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Following incident narrated by Sri Rajah Iyer in his blog (http://suri441.wordpress.com)

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I think it was 1987.

As usual I had gone a day earlier for Sanakra Jayanthi and usually I  go in the evenings when Mahaperiyava will spend more time with Devotees like us.

When I entered the Mutt around 7:45 PM,there was a huge crowd with a few Photographers,Camera men.I also noticed a well to do Lady sitting on the top of the wooden steps leading to the Hall where Mahaperiyava was expected.I asked Balu mama what was happening.

In his usual frankness “Problems!Periyava may not come out for giving Darshan!”

I asked Balu mama “Why?”

He told me sowing that Lady :”She is VG Panneerdas’s wife.The young fellow below her(a very fat young man I saw)is the son of the famous Film Producer ,Ramananda Sagar from Bombay.Ramananda Sagar’s Mahabarath in Hindi has been a great success as everyone knows.VGP has taken the Rights for Tamil version to be released in Two days time.This lady,tho’ her husband is a Nadar Christian, is so devoted to Mahaperiyava,refuses to go uneless Periyava sees ‘atleast a single scene of the Tamil version’! As everyone knows, Mahaperiyava will never see TV! She says she “Will not release the Mahabarath Tamil version, ’Unless Mahaperiyava sees and blesses it!”So a Big Problem…Periyava refuses to come out!”

All were still eagerly waiting including me..Luckily I was very close to Balu Mama and the Lady!Suddenly Mahaperiyava came out to the surprise of all,including Balu Mama!

Mrs.VGP cdn’t control her tears.

Mahaperiyava enquired her ‘why she had come’ and she  explained the reason.She indicated the TV installed in the corner and introduced Ramananda Sagar’s son too!

Periyava said “As you very well know I won’t see TV at all! How you have come all the way with TV Crew too?”

She said :”I know for mysake Periyava will see atleast a small clip and Bless the Release which is due in a day or Two!”

Mahaperiyava looked at her and said with so much Compassion:”I feel you have put me in a piquant situation!”

A few minutes silence all around.

Mahaperiyava asked Balu mama to bring Kamakshi prasadams and gave to her and Ramananda Sagar’s son! Then He said :”Unnaipatha enakku kashtama irukku. For your sake I will see a small clip..Just for your sake, as I don’t want you to go back disappointed!

Mahaperiyava emphasised the word “For your sake!”

She wept uncontrollably and after the event left with Happiness!

They released Tamil Mahabarath as scheduled.

Exactly 7 days later, VGP passed away!

In a later event VGP’s wife said :”Mahaperiyava,knew that a great Tragedy was waiting and that’s why He said “Unakkaha I am seeing this as He didn’t want two tragedies for me! Great Mahan!”

Nadamadum Deivam!

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  1. that sarva vyapi ,trikala gnani’s every word has got more meanings in it.that is why he didn’t want to disappoint his devotee.the reason is known only laterHE IS A OCEAN OF COMPASSION..MAHAPERIYAVA tiruvadigale charanam charanam charanam charanam charanam

  2. Mahaperivaa Blessings to True Devotees, irrespective of Caste ,Creed. His focus always been on Humanity Several episodes of his grace to his Bhakthas.The VGP’s Srimathi used to visit The WestMambalam Mutt, when our MahaGuru Camped in the late 1960’s. There enterprise was very new and two branches only. His governing the Bhaktas were unique, The writer had and has the Blessings on a continuous flow, even today.

  3. Sri Sarvagnya sarva vyapi Sri Maha Periyava Is a tirukala gnyani and each word of his bears a special meaning. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara hara Sankara. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  4. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi seems to have seen some documentary movies and exclaimed that train movements are nicely captured in film as “Thathroopamaka Irukke!” as reported in His Charithram Experiences. This seems to belong to the same category. Maha Periyava is Compassion incarnate and perhaps to alleviate suffering of the devotee has seen a TV clip. Probably it is Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana only as his son seemed to have come on that day. BR Chopra brought out Mahabharath, which was even more famous. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Very moving incident…. Though irrelevant, I couldn’t resist asking this… Ramanand Sagar made Ramayan I think. Wasn’t it B R Chopra who make Mahabharath?

  6. படிக்கும் போதே கண்ணீர் வருகிறது…இப்பேற்பட்ட தெய்வத்தை நானும் பார்த்திருக்கேன்…அனுகிரஹத்தை அடைந்து இருக்கேன் ….அடைந்து கொண்டும் இருக்கேன் …ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர …ஹர ஹர சங்கர…

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