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Umesh sent me a wonderful drawing about Sri Pradosham mama few days back towards mama’s jayanthi day. This drawing was suggested by Sri Sriram, mama’s grandson. Since I was traveling, I couldn’t post this on-time and it came in other sites/blogs immediately. I felt bad that I couldn’t do this on-time and planned to do it later.

Subsequently, yesterday, I got a call from this devotee, who has been talking about all 63 nayanmars as pravachanam. I was narrated such a divine experience happened to this devotee. I couldn’t believe that my posting was held back by Periyava for a reason! It seems (to me) that I had to combine these two devotees’ work in a single post. Remember, both these devotees started their Periyava work from the blog! This is their home 🙂 I am extremely delighted to share this with you all….

Read on…..

All 63 nayanmars stories are done and this devotee was slightly confused on what needs to be done for the last session – last session being pretty much the end of the year – may be the summary of all nayanmars.

While doing pradosha puja on Saturday – slightly in a hurried fashion as their family was getting ready to leave outside – Periyava told “Talk about Pradosham mama” – not just once – multiple times! This is not the first time Periyava communicates to this devotee. In the past, the communication was subtle and this time, it was direct! This devotee got nervous- not sure what to do!

Should we contact Sri Ganesa Sarma to know some more about mama? Not knowing what to do or where to start about mama, this devotee reached out to another devotee in India and was suggested to read the book “தந்தது உன் தன்னை கொண்டது என் தன்னை“.  I was contacted for additional ideas. I suggested to talk to some more family members of Sri Pradosham mama to get more facts etc.

When I was talking to this devotee, she was wondering about how much mama’s bakthi is recognized by Periyava as He Himself has told to 1000s of devotees about mama’s bakthi and telling me today during pradosha puja to talk about mama!

This devotee is none other than Smt Vidya Srinivasan, Cupertino Mahaperiyava Satangam. I have requested Sri Srinivasan to do a live video of these pravachanams so that others in US can also watch this from all places. He has kindly agreed to test and do this…..

I am very happy for divine orders for both these devotees to do work on 64th Nayanmar – our beloved Sri Pradosham mama.

Ananthakodi namaskaram to Sri Pradosham mama and Mahaperiyava!

P.S – In the next two days, I am going to write about another devotee in Chennai to whom Periyava came pratyaksham and also sent out a communication on what to share and what not to share about her experience to outside world!! Periyava is very much aware of social media exaggerations and very cautious!!!!


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  1. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya jaya Shankara! Pradosham Maamavukku Namaskaaram! May a little of His Maha Bhakthi to Maha Periyava fall on us and purify us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! May the Experiences of Savants like Ra. Ganapati Anna ,Balu Maama Swamigal, Kannan Swamigal and Ganesa Sarmaji on Maha Periyava continue to enrich us!

  2. very eager to listen to vidya ‘s pravachanam, also very eager to know about the person in chennai.
    periyava is prathyaksham.

  3. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.Baktha jana Rakshakar Sri Maha Periyavar.Blesswed are those who got divine directions from Sri Periyava. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  4. Pranams tMahaperiyavaa devotees around the World. I had tried to establish contact with Srimathi Vidya Srinivasan in whatsap but could not succeed. Can anybody kindly inform their number please.
    Jaya Jaya Shankarao

  5. Maha Periyava devotees fm other parts of the world would also like to see the video which Sri Srinivasan is going to take. I hope you will be posting that in this blog too. Thanks a lot.

  6. Wow! That’s great. We are all very eager to know about these blessed persons. Can pls post their photos too? Thank you Mahesh for your great service. May God n Maha Periyava bless you n your family.

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