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Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Gayathri for the share. A lesson on how to do Puja with utmost sincerity understanding the meaning of what we do. Ram Ram

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Maha Swamigal always performed Poojas with Full Devotion and Perfection!

It was many many years ago on Saraswathi Pooja day during Navarathri in Sri Matam that this incident happened.

As usual, Sri Maha Periyava had completed the Chandramouleeswara pooja and started doing the Saraswathi pooja. One Vaideekar Purohit was sitting near Him and was reciting the pooja mantras from a book in his hand.

He recited the Sankalpam, Aavahanam, Prana Prathista, Anga Pooja and started reciting the Saraswathi Ashtotram. At the end of each Namaha, Maha Swamigal was offering Her a flower.

Then the Vaideekar came to the line and read:

“Om Brahma Jayayai Namaha!”

The flower in the Hands of Maha Swamigal did not reach Saraswathi’s Lotus Feet but remained motionless in His hands, about to be delivered!

The Vaideekar kept reciting the same Namavali “Om Brahma Jayayai Namaha” in the same manner, several times but Maha Swamigal kept sitting like a Statue, with His Hands raised and the Flower in His hand!

Everyone present there got worried as to what mistake had occured! Why did Maha Swamigal not offer that Flower to Her!

The news reached the Sri Matam Manager, Sri Viswanathan Iyer and he rushed to the pooja spot. He asked the Vaideekar to repeat that line again and the Vaideekar promptly said the same: “Om Brahma Jayayai Namaha!”

The Flower remained motionless in Maha Swamigal’s hands.

Fortunately there was a Sanskrit Pandit nearby. He corrected it and asked the Vaideekar to recite it as:

“Om Brahma Jaayayai Namaha!”

Now the flower in Maha Swamigal’s hands took flight to Saraswathi’s Lotus Feet!

One may ask what the difference between the two Namavalis is.

Here is the meaning of those phrases:

Correct one is “Om Brahma ‘Jaayayai’ Namaha!” which means Salutations to Her who is the Consort of Lord Brahma!

Wrong one is “Om Brahma Jayayai Namaha!” which means Salutations to Her who was Victorious over Lord Brahma!

Sri Maha Periyava never performed Poojas mechanically but He always did it with Full Devotion and Perfection. This is a good example for that.

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  1. Where can I find the photo in this write up.

  2. Namaskarams,
    “Om Brahma ‘Jaayayai’ Namaha!” – probably meant the one who was born out of Brahma and not specially consort.

    Sri Saraswathi Devi was born from Brahma.

    Please ignore if the above meaning is incorrect.

  3. I agree.

  4. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara..Since many of us are not proficient in Sanskrit we may also pronounce wrongly. Only GOD has to provide us the necessary knowledge. However true devotion will always be accepted by the Lord. Let us try to be perfect. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam.

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